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    pH low due to excess C02, ideas?, Dec 19, 2018
  1. maevepotter

    Well people, I've found the same solution worked as last time. Low budget, and makes us a bit chilly, but incredibly effective (see picture). I'm at 8.2. Note that just leaving the windows open did not do anything. The fan on for an hour or two in the morning with a few other windows open works like a charm. I will look into some of your suggestions though because obviously this won't work if we're on vacation. Ultimately we just need to improve air exchange in the house since it's not good for us either. I've also been using an electric kettle for tea which has reduced the use of the stove.

    I do have animals as someone asked, a cat and two rabbits. I'm also home much of the day with my children. The main floor of the house is only about 650 sq ft and we have a gas stove with no vent top to the outside. We just bought the house a year ago.

    Thanks to Randy for your input and very helpful article. That's how I knew about the co2 possibly in the first place. I did your aeration test and it was spot on. I ended up stunning the lfs which had just suggested I buffer, resulting in 18dkh alkalinity [emoji50]. Luckily I realized something was up... :/ so thanks to you, I ended up knowing better than people with 10+ years in the hobby, having only started this July, myself. #research So thanks again for your wonderful resources and to all of you being so willing to share your time and advice. I love this forum. [​IMG]