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    My Experience Battling Green Hair Algae (GHA), Jul 8, 2018
  1. brandon429

    How related are posts on this thread and that one.

    It's neat we did not collaborate before writing. #results driven info. I never ask for people's nutrient readings in eight years of peroxide thread work because it's unhelpful, hesitation causing information. The nutrient information that pertains to being invaded by algae: are you using sludge topoff water (y-n) are you purposefully housing a sandbed full of filthy clouding waste, alongside an algae challenge (y-n)

    Next level progression past what you just saw peroxide do is taking out rocks, knifing them clean externally like a parrot fishes beak, algae free, then treat the cleaned spot with peroxide. This is the war method, unbeatable. It's only for the truly extremely fed up with algae krew and there are three of us I know. The rest are invaded here and there, as allowed. Nice to meet a fellow land taker. Rare these parts
    In the 90s books, before n and p tinkering, books said crabs and snails prevented invasions

    Always an external hope, never us reaching in and simply forcing a small box of rocks to comply. An imaginary barrier set; we are instructed actually not to act directly on algae and instead only act on water. No

    I'll link your thread to our peroxide thread you did well on docs and observation

    How's your sandbed looking here

    cloudy at all?