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    Mixed Red Sea Reefer 525XL, Jan 23, 2019
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    Oh! I forgot to close this one out. It deserves a final post, doesn't it...

    10/13/2018 - Day 900 - So long, and thanks for all the fish

    900 days is officially how long my first salt water tank lasted before being taken down. I have grown so much with this tank, it's inhabitants - my friends, and this forum. I truly do not think I would have made it past the first year if not for this place. In those 900 days (+/-), I have progressed from being a total "newbie" who wasn't even aware of QT as a thing, all the way to being honored to be a part of the #RSL. All thanks to this tank.
    Sadly, I did not do this tank justice in it's final days (or year, looking at this build thread now...). The tear-down was not because of any failure or desire to stop, but because we moved into a house where I had the opportunity to experience frustration, pain, and an even larger hole in my wallet - I got to upgrade to a larger tank. That build thread is linked below, but the results of all that with this build thread is that I did not devote any attention to getting a final good FTS before the tank was shut down. I do have some shots, however...
    This was the panorama I took of the old house after we have moved everything but the tank out:

    Everything in this picture brings back memories for me. We've only been out of the house for a few months, and already I'm starting to forget the little details of the old house... I'm not crying; you're crying. Let's move on.

    The move of the tank itself was hectic, painful, and not something I hope to ever do again. I'll just leave it at that in this thread since my other thread chronicles that struggle a bit more (as I like to focus more on the rebirth in the new rather than the death of this one). Still; I did manage a FEW pictures...

    Everyone/everything loaded into buckets for the ~45min drive to the new place. I don't think I've ever driven so softly before - not even when coming home from the hospital with our new babies. They had seatbelts and straps and all sorts of safety things. The trip went as well as can be hoped, but I spent the entire time expecting buckets to tip and spill... Even thinking back on it now, I am filled with dread.

    And - finally - the last shot of the tank when it held water. It ain't pretty - she didn't go out in glitz and glamour. She went out in grime and gunk. But despite that, she was still beautiful to me.

    Thank you all for following along on this part of my journey. I invite you to join me in my next chapter (already in progress); Water Lily Reef.
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