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    " MY WHITE SAND METHOD ", Aug 10, 2018
  1. brandon429

    In the end we know both hands off/detritus storing and clean reefing/nonstoring will grow corals and keep reef animals, so there isn't much finality made in the claims one way or another.

    It is just fascinating to me how momentum builds up strongly on a given method and your thread here has participants that dont want to participate in bed storage any longer for one or more reasons.

    If I had to pinpoint the number one aspect of reefing I care most about and have dedicated time and money to, it's the study of the science of old tank syndrome. Once I was reminded of your thread and the Paletta article linked there on OTS and it's key terms restated, I didn't feel alone in my claims at that time. Not that alone would ever change my stance but it was nice to be reminded there's a no-eutrophication team out there too, I'm not just poking around in the dark here.

    I'd testify in a reef court of law with both hands raised risking immediate confinement for perjury when I say: OTS is beaten. We know what causes it, what remedies it, what degrades or fosters its manifestation and it's not bacterial communities that shift or need our help to be refreshed by a retail purchase... it's simple detritus. Post up a tank in the throes of OTS and from the before picture we will tell you where the clouds of filth are that makes the tank plant/invader dominant

    Store detritus and you age, remove it and you are ageless, coral biosystems will regulate themselves forever if you simply remove the filth regularly / creatively. Senescence doesn't occur in a clean reef tank, it occurs in the cloudy one.

    We know how to arrange any reef biosystem to be ageless even before it is made. Old tank syndrome is a condition of the nineties where everyone was scared to reef cleanly thinking that waste was the key to long term health.

    Some of the tanks in that thread are great, old, and have detritus so it can't be claimed a guaranteed failure. I just claim it's a statistical one, not easy to advice others to replicate without variation and invasions cycling in and out

    The clean reefer works more but merges with totally consistent outcome techniques. Stat win

    If you want a testifiably better chance at not losing your first reef tank, or your old one, reef clean- only if you want strongest safety hedge for your tank. At other times people are doing experiments of their own with OTS, sandbed biodiversity, specialized animals or reef zones etc so those aren't rinsed or stirred

    Clean reefing came about simply for those who want a guaranteed repeatable uninvaded way to reef. Whether in your tea cup or your nine foot tank, clean reefing always produces running reefs and threads for any example are on ready mode. Clean reefers pre empt, they're not reacting.

    Old tank syndrome is beaten, dead, it's something a reef keeper causes on purpose but maybe unintentionally. All of us were originally instructed to hands off the sandbed (Berlin never allowed for disturbance, you'd be undoing the claimed nitrate reduction zone by introducing oxygen) and it took rule breaking, a demand for longer tank lifespans and challenging the teachers (with links, always with respect) to get there.
    Berlin 3.0

    pick any tank invasion thread/help thread on the internet currently running and post it. It won't be a clean ran system, it will be a system that has a classic sandbed with cloud or it will have live rocks with cloud if they're shaken about within the tank, one way or another filth begets invasion.

    I must go on record stating that no book or article or history of works or tenure impresses me from any author on earth like I would be impressed if they made a simple thread asking the public to present their myriad tank challenges to the system the author advocated. Accountability for claims never existed till web reefing in public.

    Reefing authors reading this, I'm talking the big ten, before you make another presentation I think it'd be great to:

    Start a thread and guide some tanks. Let's call it the #sageschallenge

    After you earn a cure, deconstruct the invasion etiology for each entrant based on works you just did live time, not in the past. We want to learn which patterns of action/reaction get you out to page ten and beyond... plus with your position in the hobby you'll hit page ten by Monday. Fast fast fast evolution of reefing systems we'd get to see. it would go viral bigtime. if too much volume, select the best challenges.

    Before writing another article, or book, or podcast, run some public tanks asking for challenges and morph each entrant into the style of reefing you think will make them run better

    you'll have my undivided attention. Pure accountability to 'it's not working' or 'you killed my oldest fish'

    I'll be watching how you factor or don't factor the filthy sandbeds in your works.
    Now that's evolving science, can't wait. Might have to