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    Supplement Kessils w/ T5, space constraint, Jan 1, 2018
  1. Daniel Waters

    Where are you getting that measurement from for 160 par for one bulb? This would be much greater than my experience with T5 bulb par measurements. BRS measurements on a 4 bulb ATI fixture seemed to be well under that as well (link below). Not being argumentative...I really want to know because if my old T5 fixtures are running my bulbs that crappy, it's time for me to upgrade my fixtures!

  2. Daily Light Integral, PAR, and Photosaturation Discussion, Jul 24, 2017
  3. Flippers4pups

    Thanks Dana for the link. I have read this one, as most of your articles. Your presentation at last years Macna was reaffirmation of my own experiences with alkalinity and flow in my own reef systems over the years, minus the information on light intensity. That was done up until recently by eyeball and how corals would react to placement.

    I have no par meter, but do have a calibrated extech easyview 30 lux meter that I've used to measure my lights, via the conversion to par information you and #saltyfilmfolks have provided. Thank you!

    It helped me verify my light intensity to achieve the 100-250 par throughout my DT. I didn't need to adjust them much. (I guess my eyes are still calibrated after all these years! Lol)

    DLI and nutrient consumption is now my focus. Has there been any research on uptake of nutrients in correlation to photosynthesis, based on your studies of alkalinity, flow and light intensity?
  4. Alk and light issues, Jul 9, 2017
  5. Flippers4pups

    The quartz rocks shouldn't be any problem. They should be inert. I really think that what you said is the core of your problems, messing with the water pramaters and lights caused your issues.

    Going forward you should focus on keeping your water pramaters as stable as can be. As far as the lights, #saltyfilmfolks has given good advise on them. Using a LUX meter is a good thing and can guide you on what to do.
  6. Alk and light issues, Jul 9, 2017
  7. Flippers4pups

    I'm going to ask again what #saltyfilmfolks asked earlier: are you using RO/DI water to make your saltwater?

    The tanks coraline algae is very limited as stated and looks like a newly set up tank for being two years old. The light intensity may have very well bleached it to death, but it also looks lacking in the shaded areas as well. Puzzling.

    There's so many questions I need to ask!

    *RO/DI or tap water? If RO/DI, is the filters maintained properly?
    ( the reason I ask is specifically about chloramines, they have a tendency to kill fish, coral, inverts and algae)

    *What's the SG of the tank? How do you test for SG?

    *How are you "topping off"? ATO or manually?

    *Are your test kits up to date? Expiration date wise okay?

    There's more, a lot more......
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  9. smokin'reefer

    I have very limited experience with cameras and lenses. I have some, but limited. I would go with what you were getting with your kit lens. If you pulled it all the way back to 18 millimeters, did you have enough room to play. If so maybe the 24 mm 2.8 here.,loc:2
    being that you are shooting into a lighted tank, I don't believe you would need a super fast and expensive lens. I would wait and see who else times in. This might be better suited for D2mini or #saltyfilmfolks. Good luck, I'm interested in what they have to offer also.
  10. Lux meter, Feb 11, 2017
  11. Thank You R2R!, Nov 23, 2016
  12. Ty Hamatake

    "HI, my name is Ty, and my current addiction has spawned into another one. I'm hopeless" :)

    And #saltyfilmfolks it was the bad kind of salty people, not the good kind. ;)
  13. Upgrading Lighting, Sep 15, 2016