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    Need more testers for Aquarium Camera app ver 2.0, Nov 6, 2017
  1. John Ostler

    Quick update. Last night, I finally got a decent fully-automatic mode working (the original dream). So far, tests on my AI Nano are stellar. Hoping it works on the super blue tanks (will need your help big time). I'm keeping the manual controls in place since there's such a wide variety of needs. I'm delaying Android development a bit just until we see this one working. If it works it's going to speed up the photo taking process like crazy.

    I'll get a new test build out this week but I'm really pumped about this one. It takes full advantage of the GPU and simulates an orange gel on your phone but it goes further by dynamically determining the gel temperature (dark orange, bright orange, more yellow, etc) #science. Attaching a screenshot of the new control layout.

    Version 3.0 also will include auto/manual toggles per adjustment [temp, rgb, brightness]. I'm going to address the brightness sensitivity in the next version after this one because I need to refine the UI quite a bit to do that. Also, need to rethink how to add manual focus (it's getting slider-crazy) @chuckfu5.

    Thanks again for all your testing! It's been HUGE to make the app even better (and frankly keeps me excited to keep improving it).