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    Deep Blue 57 Edge ATI Acro Garden, Mar 6, 2019
  1. Water Dog


    Decided to finally put up a build thread. After quite some time, I’m finally pushing forward again and making progress. My intention is to go full acropora on this build using ATI T5s with Reefbrite led supplementation for lighting. I’m also looking at either going with the ATI Essentials Pro 2 part dosing system or go with my Geo’s CaRx set up. Maybe I’ll start with the ATI system and as consumption grows, I’ll switch over to the CaRx set up... we’ll see. Here is the full list of gear I’ve accumulated thus far for this build.

    Tank -

    - Deep Blue Professional 57 Edge rimless aquarium (non reef ready version)
    - Modular Marine 1200 gph ghost overflow
    - DIY 2x4 framed and skinned stand

    Lighting -

    - 6x39 ATI Sunpower (non dimmable)
    - 3 Coral + and 3 Blue + ATI T5 bulbs
    - 36” ReefBrite Actinic XHO led strip (custom silver housing)
    - CadLights lamp tree

    Under the Hood -

    - Trigger Sapphire 26 refugium sump
    - Deltec SCA 1351 skimmer
    - Turbo’s Aquatics L2 rev4 ATS
    - Spectrapure ULPC-ATO
    - JBJ 1/10 hp Arctica Titanium chiller
    - Precision Marine 10 gallon ATO reservoir

    Water Movement -

    - Sicce ADV 5.5 AC return pump
    - 2 x Vortech MP40QDs w/ 2 battery backups
    - 2 x VCA 1/2” random flow generators

    Dosing -

    - 2 x BRS 1.1ml/min dosers
    - Eshopps 2.0 dosing container
    - Avast Marine K1 kalk stirrer
    - Geo’s Reef 612 calcium reactor
    - Geo’s Reef SMC415 secondary effluent chamber
    - Watson Marlow 505U variable speed peristaltic feed pump
    - DIY stainless steel Victor dual stage CO2 regulator

    Control -

    - 2016 Apex
    - 2 x EB832s
    - WXM
    - LDK
    - Reefbrite manual dimmer w/ Apex interface

    Substrate / Rock

    - 30# Tropic Eden Reef Flakes
    - 30# BRS Pukani dry rock (curing in a Brute for over a year)
  2. Calcium reactor on AIO tank, Jan 14, 2019
  3. Water Dog

    Like you, I’m deciding between 2 part and using my CaRx setup on my 57 build. I also have a DOS and DDR ready to use ATI Pro Essentials (no water change method) as well. The ATI Pro Essentials intrigues me as well, especially if I can integrate it with my 2016 Apex, DOS and perhaps the Neptune Trident down the line. I plan on going full acropora on this build. But based on what I’ve seen of my fellow ARKSC club members in Connecticut, the stability and growth they get from using their CaRx setups is quite awe inspiring.

    Whenever I get my build thread going, I’ll let you know. But I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been working on this stand forever so don’t hold your breath! #SlowestBuildEver :D