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    Glowing fluoro SPS, Apr 23, 2017 at 7:03 PM
  1. potatocouch

    I've started to bring in a frag of SPS called Dallas into the tank; so far it's looking good.

    Dallas is so pretty and very fluorescent under Kessil light, which as you know, only has White & Blue spectrum.


    I like something that glows either under white or blue, or even better both, like Dallas.

    Can you recommend me those type of SPS which will fits the criteria please?

    I'm thinking Strawberry Shortcake? #SPSExperts
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  3. mdbannister

    Cool discussion so far. Bumping for more input. #SPSexperts
  4. Is Reef Roids = Amino Acids?, Apr 16, 2017
  5. potatocouch

    Is it sufficient to feed ULNS (w/ SPS, LPS, Morphs) with Reef Roids only?


    #reefsquad #LPSexperts #SPSexperts

    And being known to be lazy, is it acceptable to just broadcast the food with the wavemakers, return and skimmer on? #lazy
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  8. mdbannister

    #spsexperts, please give us your thoughts
  9. Acro growing without flesh!, Jan 20, 2017
  10. mdbannister

    #spsexperts please give your thoughts.
  11. Do you consider yourself an SPS Expert? If so, please click here!, Jan 16, 2017
  12. mdbannister

    Bumping this again! If you know a good bit about SPS care, PLEASE subscribe to this hashtag #spsexperts!
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  15. mdbannister

    I don't know the ID (maybe one of our #SPSExperts will pop in with an answer), but it's a beauty for sure!
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  17. mdbannister

    Never had one, but here's a bump to see if others can help. #SPSExperts