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    ATO direct to RODI system?, Aug 7, 2018
  1. FLSharkvictim

    @Ray Floyd - CHECK IT OUT, Got in some more goodies for the new build last night For my new Display. I wanted to go with a different ATO system, something that will plug right into my controller. After doing a ton of research, i have decided to go with an #AvastMarine ATO system including there #Diaphragm pump which will run in conjunction with my Avast Marine #kalk #stirrer.. I could not find a bad review about the product on any of the forums. I am currently am running the Tunze Osmolator 3155 ATO system and it works awesome. I never had one issue in the 3 yrs that I owned it but I wanted something so I could just plug it into my P4 controller which is (Priceless). This little diaphragm pump is an excellent choice for automatic top-off duty. Unlike other diaphragm pumps available, this little powerhouse can push water to 60psi (~130ft high). It can also safely run dry, unlike conventional power-heads. It is quiet and runs on 12v DC power. Flow rate is approximately 400mL/min, but note that it is not rated for continuous duty nor salt water applications. It;s best used in conjunction with the kalk stirrer, but only to push fresh RODI water from my mixing station through the Kalk stirrer.

    Avast MARINE Diaphragm pump

    Avast ATO system

    Avast Marine ATO Magnet

    MIXING STATION Incl. Booster pump and 2nd membrane upgrade.

    Back of my P4
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