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    Land Shark's 109 Reef Savvy Build, Apr 9, 2019
  1. FLSharkvictim

    @Land Shark - Don't mean to highjack your thread mate but No not yet b/c I was waiting on my #Synergy CL-44 sump and my 10-gallon matching ATO Reservoir that will be connected to my saltwater mixing station.
    I did a Dry-fit run last weekend on my plumbing for Synergy External overflow box that has 1.5inch drains. I just need to grab a few more #Cepex ball valves for my manifold and my #Turbo #Scrubber!
    Feel free to follow along on my thread below:

    CL-44 sump

    1.5inch Spears gate valve for the MAIN drain

    My main Drain
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  3. vector824

    Good looking #synergy sump there @FLSharkvictim! Keep them hidden gems coming guys!
  4. ** FLSharkvictim / Custom Rimless SCA 150 Build ***, Apr 6, 2019
  5. FLSharkvictim

    Picked up this off ebay last night for my #apex Pnup ATO pump so it does not move around in my #Synergy 10 gallon ATO container.
    Then all I need to do is add a 3rd sensors and use it as my low sensor in my ATO container, and ones it hits that low sensor, my RODI will kick on and I will also, have a high sensor in the ATO to tell the RODI TO kick off.
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  7. FLSharkvictim

    I'm going to be running two return pumps on my SCA 150 build! 1 #Vectra M1 for one return and a 1 #Apexcor20 for my other return in my #Synergy CL-44 sump.

  8. SUMPS - The Rundown, Mar 27, 2019
  9. FLSharkvictim

    @AlbertaBound - All I know is @mixer911 and the #Synergy #ReefSystems team did an unreal job on my new CL-44 custom sump and a Matching ATO reservoir for my new SCA Rimless 150 build. I will be running two return pumps a #Apexco20 for my main returns and for my Alage scrubber and manifold I will be using an #Vectra M1. Just wanted to say that I was not expecting such an amazing built sump. I spent over 6 months talking to all the different sump Manufactures and none of them were very helpful, let me tell you until I hooked up with Synergy Reef Systems. At first, I was going to buy a @geo sump but I don't care for how their reactors are integrated into there sumps which I am not a fan of. (Just my opinion) I did want a trigger system sump since those are a dime a dozen and was not a fan on how they have there drain set up. Also, I went to PM, and they were not much help either and I even tried to contact an Acrylic Manufacture called Primo Acrylics since I saw a few of this guy sumps and they looked very well built but the only problem is, the guy never answered my 5 emails that I sent to him trying to let him know that I am ready to drop $1500.00 on a sump and a matching ATO but this company does not want to even respond, so what in hell are they even in business then. Here are some pictures of some unbelievable craftsmanship on this gorgeous-looking CL-44 sump that they made for my SCA150.. Plus, Synergy's customer service was nothing but Superior compared to the other Sump MFG, no names mentioned.

    Here are a few pixs of the new sump and ATO container.

  10. Show us your "Ghost" or "Shadow" style overflow plumbing!, Mar 16, 2019
  11. FLSharkvictim

    I just got my new #Synergy CL-44 SUMP, Matching 10 gallon ATO Container and I am running one of Ricks 20'' external overflow boxes on my SCA 150. Just doing some dry fit runs before anything gets glued. Ones down two to go...

  12. Lets See Those Sumps! (Poll), Mar 11, 2019
  13. FLSharkvictim

    Just received my CL-44 Synergy sump for my SCA Rimless build! Also, ordered one of there 10-gallon Matching ATO Resviours. All I know is that #Synergy craftsmanship on this sump is unbelievable and built like a tank!
    Synergy CL-44 w/ 2 1'' returns

    3 1.5inch drains

    5 John Guest fittings for my dosing lines

    10 - GALLON ATO Resviour
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  15. FLSharkvictim

    @revhtree , my new Synergy Sump came in for my SCA 150 build!
    WOW, did @mixer911's crew over at #Synergy did an amazing job on my CL-44 RED&WHITE sump and a 10 gallon ATO storage container that will be all connected to my 50-gallon saltwater mixing station.

  16. ** FLSharkvictim / Custom Rimless SCA 150 Build ***, Mar 9, 2019
  17. FLSharkvictim

    The reason why I have not been updating my build thread is b/c I had a little bit of a problem when my new synergy sump that got delivered in a few weeks ago! I did not want to say anything until I got a brand new one since Fedex dummy's dropped my brand new #Synergy CL-44 SUMP during transit.
    I was devastated after waiting over a year to choose what MFG I wanted to have built me my dream sump, Plus, Synergy made me some custom brackets for my Turbo Aquatics Turbo L-2 Scrubber so it will sit on top nice & tight.
    At first, it looked like they added to much glue but as I was thinking to myself, that there is no way in hell Rick over Synergy Reef Systems would ever release a sump looking like this!

    Here is a picture of one of the stress crack the day it arrived at my house:

    Immediately I emailed Rick and he called me back within 10 minutes on a Saturday night, which is unheard of. I just wanted to share my story about how Superb and Superior #Synergy Reef Systems is. I even had the owner of the company Rick CALL ME PERSONALLY AND WE CHATTED FOR over 10 minutes about what all went down and he told me to send him all of the pictures of the box which I did, since Synergy packs there sumps a certain way so if this was to ever happen he knows how the sump was packaged. I told him I opened up the box and I did not really notice until I turned the sump around and then you could really tell as you can see from the picture above that there were stress cracks. After I got all of the information over to Rick, he apologized and immediately I got an email stating my new sump was in stage 1 of Production. I did not even have to deal with FedEx or even make a claim. Rick over at Synergy took care of everything for me. The following day I got an email from Synergy saying that I will have a brand new one in 2-3 weeks instead of 4-5 weeks! You have to remember, these sumps are not just sitting on the shelf, like your trigger sumps, Icecaps, Geo Reef Sumps, Eshoops sumps etc, This time it came UPS and there are no stress cracks what so ever, so it's time to fill her with water for the real test!

    I just see a lot of negative feedback about this company and I just want people to know that first Vanessa over @ Synergy Reef Systems is a pure Gem to work with as well as the president, Rick. Great company to do business with and I Highly recommended since their craftsmanship is out of this world!

    *** Finally, the Eagle has landed and my build may go on ****

    Pix of me after I found out after a 4week lead time and 5 days to ship that the sump was dropped in transit and got damaged.

    Pic of the new sump that Synergy had to rebuild me and my 10-gallon Matching ATO Container.