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    Madcanarys SCA 150g, Oct 3, 2017
  1. madcanary

    Sump upgrade picture overload!!!

    So I came home after a 13 hour shift Sunday bought a monster or 2 and decided today’s the day.
    All my stuff was in from #BRS I think they love me when ever I do my tank upgrades.
    I stopped by lowes on way home last minute change from grey to white fittings.

    Ok..... deep breath what could go wrong,
    Pulled my cheato, #sbreef pod hotels and threw the house out the back door no turning back.
    Cut my pvc just above my old unions, pre planning for a re plumb always helps.
    Yup. So when I put the 45’s back for a contractor pack I grabbed 90’s. After a 30 melt down I pushed ahead with the 90’s #brsinvestigates says the loss is negligible.

    Quick wipe down of the stand new sump in fill with RODI #fritz salt and bring to temp.

    I’ve mixed fritz in my mixing station and had issues, now I use a small powerhead to help move the water and it clears quickly.

    I dosers are hooked up. I should have just disconnected them, my #core7 went every where,
    And those lines caught up on everything.

    I wish I had a photo of my “bypass gadget” working it’s 2 PVC pipes with a section of tubing in the middle. I can jam it into the return and output bulk heads and get everything leak tested and tuned without disturbing the DT.
    It’s 0300 I’m done....

    Up at 0700. The overflow was so loud I got up a million times expecting a leak with no regard for my ALD.

    Turns out cranking up the flow pushed so much water through my overflow easy fix I raised the water level in the box by extending my emergency drain. Turns out the extra inch of water looks better anyway.

    Side note I’m on day 7 of the #drtims cyano treatment plan it’s starting to look better.

    So I spent the next 5 hours Re wiring my Apex.
    I finally labeled all my plugs and consolidated plugs. I can finally turn everything from on to ‘auto’ and really enjoy tank automation.

    I installed the old light from my daughters glofish tank because eye candy

    I still have to mount and route my vortech wires but they are moved and tangle free.
    I need to separate and cable wrap the wires to the left. I’m using lab grade probes so I’m glad I don’t have to worry about interference.

    Overall I’m very impressed with the #synergyreefsystems sump. @mixer911 hit it out of the park. I can already see the flow pattern through the sump. Dosing in the crash box you could see the core7 dissolve fast as it went through refugium.
    The fast flow rate does make some noise. I’m running 650 according to the FMK, you can see the flow in the skimmer chamber “recirculating” rather than been pushed over the top with the under flow baffle design. Kudos there.
    point worth mentioning, I think you need bricks to keep anything down in the final baffle with the flow coming up it pushes whatever is there into the return section.
    I ran some filter floss to help keep debris down while I was running maintenance. The filter floss filter and the green plastic covers kept getting pushed into the return section I threw a brick of biopure on it to hold it down. I’m beginning to question the accuracy of the FMK, I did turn the flow down to a trickle but you could see the debris in the fuge become stagnant.

    Edit*yes I did install my FLow meter backwards.
  2. Madcanarys SCA 150g, Sep 24, 2017
  3. madcanary

    so here we are everything ticking along doing pretty good... oh wait whats that?
    Just your friendly neighbourhood bryopsis.. i swear im about to claim this tank on homeowners. thanks to the guys on the forums here i dosed
    Fluconazole and it worked a charm after about 3 weeks it was pretty much gone i still have some white residual today.

    just my luck. well i beat the odds and survived. i gotten a few more corals in and tank is looking decent, i ordered the #synergyreefsystems TS-44, Venessa is great to deal with and Rick and the guys work is amazing this is my 3rd Synergy sump. so stay tuned for that im excited to rebuild my sump area and redo my plumbing because oh yeah we all love that.
    I dont know why i love that filter so much.

    Oh i almost forgot i found a rusted kids toy complete with batteries in my refugium and what looked like some kind of food source so i had to clean and restart my refugium.
    i added doors to the stand made by a local cabinet maker.

    i stained one to see if i liked the colour, i think thats what ill go with.

    i also upgraded the QT system with some goodies because simple dont cut it for me i guess and it was in the kitchen so i could see it.

  4. Madcanarys SCA 150g, Sep 24, 2017
  5. madcanary

    So after a battle with the first algae bloom identified as chyrosophages, maybe thats close to correct. So i decided that since i had 3 lights instead of 2 i should change my schedule i changed to the accliamed AB+. after a day or so i noticed by coral bleaching thought it could be due to low nutrients. well i was wrong lighting schedule somehow didnt save when i dropped the intensity so my corals got all the Pros could throw at them..

    Moving on, QT with TTM i was most concerned with ICH, did 4 weeks and gave my tank a healthy dose of Velvet. all dead i managed to save my sail.. so begins 74 days of fallow. I had some Tangs in QT so here begins the cycle again. ill monitor for agression i have some #synergyreefsystems fallou shelters
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