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    Why does BRS seem to be the default site?, Nov 13, 2018
  1. SaltwaterAq

    This is a great post, sad I'm just seeing it now :) Thanks to all the customers out there who have chosen to shop with us. I think there are a few good companies in this industry. I'd like to think we are trying to do our part to provide the best possible experience for the customer over the lifetime that they are in the hobby. That's a few reasons we offer some of the program we do, it's to help our customers have a good experience in the hobby.

    Things like free shipping without a minimum order, checkout via Amazon & Apple Pay, free samples & swag, PayPal credit financing, guaranteed free 2 day shipping on Neptune, AI, Ecotech, Maxspect & Kessil, free returns, military & civil service discounts, cash back rewards, text message support, live chat support, teacher discounts, low price guarantee's, automatic price matching, #tanksgiving free fish tanks, etc.

    We literally have so many customer benefits it's a huge hurtle just letting our customers know they exist :)
  2. Black Friday SALES!, Nov 10, 2018

    IM 10 or nano case I don’t win a #tanksgiving :(