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    THROW BACK THURSDAY (See R2R from 10-years ago)!! What was your VERY FIRST post on R2R!?, Jul 5, 2018
  1. mdbannister

    Hey guys! So here's a #TBT thread for this week... What was your very first post on R2R? Post it up here and tell us what got you here or a little thought about the post (btw, all you have to do to see this is look at your post history).

    I'll post mine up in just a sec, but first, check out this screenshot!! Talk about NOSTALGIA! This is R2R from 10 years ago TODAY!

    Notice how many people were online at that time: ONLY 55 people! CRAZY! This community has grown so much since then! Thanks for being a part of it!!!

    Now what was your first post? What caused you to make it?
  2. THROW BACK THURSDAY! What has been your favorite coral in your tank?, Jun 28, 2018
  3. mdbannister

    Hey guys, for this weeks #TBT, let's show off and talk about our favorite corals we've owned. I know that may be a tough one to narrow down to just one, but try to get it to at least a very short list. :D I had to think for a bit on this, and I'm still not sure this is "the one" for me, but I do know it's definitely up there...this fungia plate was my pride and joy for a while. I think mostly bc back then, I didn't invest in expensive corals, and so this one really stood out in the tank for me. :D

    I also got better at taking pics later on...this thing looked a LOT brighter in person.

  4. THROW BACK THURSDAY!! What's one reefing myth that YOU believed, and have learned differently?, Jun 21, 2018
  5. mdbannister

    Ok, so this one may be hard for some of us to own up to, but for this week's Throw Back Thursday, what is one reefing myth you believed at one time, but you've since learned better? Share your once-held-myth here and share what you now know. Any pics thrown in get bonus points! :D


    At one time, I pretty much believed most of the myths I think. LOL

    The one I'll highlight here is that at one time, I believed that elevating tank temperatures would help to cure ich. I now realize that this myth comes from confusing freshwater ich with cryptocaryon irritans (commonly known as marine ich), and the treatment for this is very different. For those looking for info on how to treat ich, here's a great tutorial in the disease forum.
  6. LIRA's February 2018 Meeting, 2/2/2018, Feb 1, 2018
  7. oh207

    #ttt, #tbt
    Joe Yaiullo's Q&A from a year ago was a big hit. He is back tomorrow for LIRA's February meeting, 2/2 @8pm.
    Come join us for an open discussion on reef keeping with Joe.
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