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    Nyos TORQ Reactors—BACK IN STOCK!, Mar 28, 2019
  1. ** FLSharkvictim / Custom Rimless SCA 150 Build ***, Feb 13, 2019
  2. FLSharkvictim

    Thanks mate! Yes I will be running my Turbo Scrubber L-2 model and a new #NYOS #TORQ rector for the BRS ROX0.8 carbon when needed.
  3. AquaMaxx Rox vs BRS Carbon, Jan 15, 2019
  4. FLSharkvictim

    Only media I will use. ROX 0.8 runs awesome in my new Nyos #TORQ media reactor.
  5. ** FLSharkvictim / Custom Rimless SCA 150 Build ***, Jan 11, 2019
  6. FLSharkvictim

    Many thanks for your opinion which is highly appreciated @lbacha but after talking to one of the Crew members @Bulk Reef Supply , one of the Techs said the Compacts would be a absolute perfect fit for my tank spec is 5ftx2ftx2ft/
    I will be placing my order for a pair of those @Orphek Atlantik Compact V4 (Gen 2) LED fixtures tonight after work.
    Also, I will be getting there Gateway which provides a connection between the Atlantik V4 (Gen 2) light and your homes wireless router.


    As far as the Nyos #TORQ media reactors, I JUST tracked it and according to UPS it will be here tomorrow or on Monday. I ordered the small one thats 0.75 since I will only be running BRS ROX 0.8 Carbon since I will be running a Turbo Algae Scrubber from Turbo Aquatics. All I know about these new #TORQ REACTORS I have read nothing buy good reviews not to mention I seen it in person and how well this reactor performed @ Reef-A-Palooza 2018 in Orlando last year and I was instantly fell in love with theses reactors. I will post some pictures as soon I receive my reactor.

    PER UPS:
    Your package is on time with a scheduled delivery date of 01/12/2019
    Scheduled Delivery: 01/14/2019
    Shipped To: FL, US
    UPS Service: UPS 2nd Day Air®
    Weight: 5.0 lbs

    Ones I spend another 2K for my lighting system for my SCA 150 build. Ones, I get these lights from BRS, MY **** FLSHARKVICTIM CUSTOM RIMLESS SCA 150 BUILD will be completed *****
    I was not sure this journey would ever end and that was just selecting all of the gear I specifically wanted. Did not want to cut any corners since this could be my last build!

  7. ** FLSharkvictim / Custom Rimless SCA 150 Build ***, Jan 11, 2019
  8. FLSharkvictim

    *** Got a new update ***
    My new #NYOS #TORQ media reactor and base has shipped out from and I should have it on either Saturday or Sunday - YAHOOO.
    Anyone on here every tray the NYOS Activated Carbon by chance and what were your thoughts about it?

    Here are some pictures of the new #TORQ in the 3 different models they come in: I chose the little one likwe I mentioned earlier in my thread, only since I will be running BRS ROX 0.8 Carbon.

    Here is the pump and how gets installed.