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    Old fart with a fish tank!, Oct 22, 2018 at 8:54 AM
  1. OPtasia

    I'm sure he's a peach. I'm more like a prune. Or a Fig Newton.

    Thanks! R1R was so lame but i'm optimistic about 2.0. I grew up a Korean War era Army brat so I speak entirely in acronyms. It made my assimilation into the text-borg PDQ. Kthxbai.

    Farewell and adieu to ye sweet Spanish ladies....

    Absotutely. It's a revamped custom built tank at 94-ish gallons. I've been sourcing parts for it for the past year. Is there a tank journal thread section? Of course there's a tank journal thread section.

    Oh, the gas we pass.

    I met him once in the 90's when he was promoting his Sprung & Delbeek reef books at a convention. Nice guy. Unassuming.

    I used to write for Howard Cosell. In my mind.

    I yam what I yam. I claim no affiliation with those named after biblical events.

    Oh wow. Yeah, i'll post some tank pics shortly. My profile pic are of zoas and acans in our biocube if that counts, which i'm sure it doesn't.

    Ps: How many points of origination do I have to pay on my own equity? ;)

    Dilly dilly.

    I have an even cooler story. When I proposed to my Wife, I took her up to Atlanta, GA to the GA aquarium. There, while riding the people mover cruising through the giant whale shark tube tank, I got down on one knee and asked her that very special question. There we were. Aquarium heaven. Big whale sharks. Big engagement ring. So when I asked, "will you marry me?" people started to clap. There were smiles. Much cheering. And my loving Wife turned to me, looked down at me on one knee and said, "Oh GOD not in front of all these people!!!"

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  9. WhiskeyCoffee

    Haha, quote of the year right there!! #truth

    I have the AquaFX Barracuda and so far have made probably around 100 gallons of DI water... Still 0 TDS!

    Also before anyone says "omg, 100 gallons, that's nothing" please consider I have a 29 gallon tank and do 5g water changes once a month. I top off maybe 2 - 3 gallons a week.
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  11. 120reefkeeper

    Love this!! #Truth
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    #truth lol
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