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    Project Apex (Black Edition) by Elder1945, Jun 15, 2017
  1. Elder1945

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    I have started a new project! As some of you know I was not so impressed with the Apex launch and the overall look of the unit.. Neptune has fixed almost every issue they had at launch and now i am only hearing good things..... This now just leaves the look of the unit.. . . . Now the look of the Apex does not effect performance or functionality at all just in my opinion it looks unpleasant. #uncool :p This leads me to my new project or should I say set of projects as there might be a cough R2R one soon.. .. . . ..

    This has just arrived!
    [​IMG]20170615_133549 by Elder1945, on Flickr
    [​IMG]20170615_133448 by Elder1945, on Flickr

    So the idea is to take everything apart and re make the housing from scratch. I plan on going black on black with a hint of orange as I plan on utilizing the Lights in the EB832 and the head unit. I also have quite a few ideas that I am excited about :) Follow along and lets make a "Cool" apex together :p @Terence ??? you think this voids the warranty LOL j/k (but seriously i know it voids all warranties :p)