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    CTARS December 2018 HOLIDAY PARTY, Dec 8, 2018
  1. sassAwrasse

    I would like to thank everyone that took time out of their busy Holiday time to come celebrate with #CTARS tonight. It was alot of fun. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves!!

    I would also like to thank Reef Junkeez LLC, Unique Aquaria, Wet Pets and School of Fish, inc for coming out tonight and supplying our club members with some awesome frags.

    I would also like to give special thanks to Donnie at #WETPETS and David at #schooloffish for supporting our club for the past few years during my time on the CTARS Board! You guys Rock!!

    Until next time,
  2. May 19, 2018 CTARS Meeting - Fragging Demo - SATURDAY, May 5, 2018
  3. sassAwrasse

    Hey Everyone,

    We will be hosting a Fragging Demo and Donnie from Wet Pets in Vernon will be doing the demonstration for us.

    All CTARS members will leave the meeting with at least two corals. The meeting will take place on SATURDAY May 19th at 5pm at the Lutz Children's Museum in Manchester CT.

    This is going to be a lot of fun and informative as well.

    We will have a few cool things for our raffle such as:
    (1) 2 tickets to Reefapalooza NY in June
    (2) Building an Obsession Frag Transport
    (3) DIY fragging kit

    ********Donnie will also have additional coral for sale. He can bring some inverts, frozen food, or other requested items if he has notice in advance. Please take part in the poll if you would like him to bring something else to the meeting.********

    Hope y'all can make it!

    Happy fragging!

    #ctars #wetpets #ctarsmay2018meeting