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    Best sump with Roller Mat, Dec 13, 2018
  1. FLSharkvictim

    Has anyone bought one of the @geo Reef Sumps that have an Automatic Filter Roll sumps, the (AFR) models? I know @geo Reef makes them in A FEW different sizes, GEOSU24''-AFR , GEOSU30''-AFR / GEO SU36''AFR & the GEO SU46''-AFR! I would need to go with the Geo Reef SU46''-AFR model to accommodate the flow of my 2 EcoTech M'1 for my SCA Rimless 150 which incl. a 20'' External Overflow box that features 3 1.5inch drains down into the sump. I wonder how many gallons the Geo Reef 46 can handle using one of the Clarisea SK-5000's??
    I would love to hear your thoughts and options on any of the following sizes that run this Automatic Filer system in there GEO REEF sumps using either the Clarisea SK-5000's or the Clarisea SK-3000?? How they work as well vs the Klir Filter system? One last question to @geo , if I went with one of your GEO SU46''-AFR sumps, how would I fit it in my Cabinet stand for my SCA150. See Attachment # 3. The cabinet has 3 doors but they have a bracket for each door in the middle. Do you think I will have a problem getting that 46'' monster in my cabinet?? @geo , do you all do any modifications if need to be?
    There should be enough room on the return section to run an EctechM1 for my Manifold and aNn EcoTech L1 for my two 1'' returns that will be reduced down to 3/4'' before it hits the locline nozzle in the tank.
    My SCA 150 build is coming very soon, just need to order the last piece to this puzzle which is the sump. I wanted to wait for last to buy my sump. I have all new gear, lets start off with my 3 Hydra HD Led's, Reef Octo Skimmer, 1 EcoTech Vertra M1 & a EcotechL1 for the main RETURNs and my 2 new MP40QWD's, and a pair of my old Turbelle NanoStream TUNZE 6055's pumps which will be installed on the back of the 150 to avoid all dead spots as possible and have the MP40QWD's on each side of the tank blowing directly across the tank. I will also be running an Algae Scrubber either from Turbo Aquatics or from Clear Water Scrubber and grab one of there models. I am a firm believer of an algae scrubbers for those out there that never have had one running before, they are 100% worth it, even if you go with a Santa Monica Air buddle one. They even work very well if you have a budget. Back to my new SCA Rimless 150, I have been designed this system now for almost two years and I am about only 3-4 weeks from completing this long journey that seemed forever! All Cepex, Spears Gate and Ball Valves have been bought and all of the red PVC that I decided to go with for all of my plumbing ..

    GEO SU46''AFR incl the Clarisea SK5000

    SCA150 Furnutire Grade Cabinet specs 60''x24'x24

    My 1'' returns with a #WyeCheck valve and a Cepex 1''ball valve