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  • Live Coral
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  • Online Web Store

Recent User Reviews

  1. cmw
    "Amazing coral"
    Tons of great stuff and the staff are knowledgeable! I can’t wait for the weekend so I can go again.
  2. Coronus
    "Super Nice People"
    Pros - Austin and Rebecca are just very nice people. The corals always look great and they always have smiles on their face. Great prices!!
    Cons - None
    Super cool people with awesome corals.
  3. bobman
    "Great people great frags"
    Pros - Good people to deal with.
    Cons - Nothing
    Got the pleasure to meet Rebecca Rhatsch of AP frags at Reefaploza Orlando. I got a awsome acan frag from her. Really healthy and still is today. She even gave me a discount for being a DRK member (Duval Reefkeepers). If you ever have a chance to do business with them I highly recommend it and will be doing business my them myself real soon.

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