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  • Live Coral
  • Live Fish
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  • Dry Goods
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  • Online Web Store
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22120 Clarendon St.
Woodland Hills
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Recent User Reviews

  1. alprazo
    "Great communication, healthy livestock, A+ shipper"
    Pros - Excellent communication
    Cons - none
    From the website, I requested a large 18+ inch, female, PJ shark from Jordan. Within minutes he contacted me and started a search. I had the shark in my QT within 6 days.

    He went to the wholesaler and sent me pictures. He personally picked out the shark.

    The shark was shipped in 11 gallons of water (~95 lbs). It was in a real stryo cooler and had plenty of air. For those used to shipping large fish, the pH was 7.17 when it arrived. This is an incredibly low drop for a fish this size 24hr transit. There was no feces in the water. The shark was active and even took food within 6 hours of arrival.

    I found the price to be very fair. I was once in the business and received the stock lists and prices. He did not add a premium for the extra effort of finding the exact specimen I was asking for.

    I have already placed additional requests with Jordan and definitely recommend purchasing from him. He and Among the Reef are the type of people we need in the business.
  2. dwwataz
    "brunneus fairy wrasse"
    Pros - fat, healthy, and stunning
    Cons - I didn't order him sooner
    My goodness! No picture I've seen online does these guys justice. This unbelievable specimen came in nice and fat yesterday and ate frozen the first attempt this morning. Will definitely be ordering more wrasses from them in the future!
  3. code4
    "Among The Reef"
    Pros - Jordan is the BEST! Very caring and only sends a fish if he feels it is ready to send.
    Cons - None
    I have ordered several fish from him at different times over a year. Always in great shape. Would order again without hesitation.

  4. TheRealDmorty217
    Pros - Healthy, great prices and rare livestock
    Cons - None
    i have purchased many fish from Jordan now and couldn't be more happy about the experiences I have had. I would equate amongthereef to Liveaquaria for customer service and quality of livestock, best part is at less than LA prices! If there is something you're looking for and can't find it, a simple email describing what you want is all you need... Jordan will find it!
  5. JakeK
    "Quality Livestock and Service"
    Pros - Communication & customer service.
    Cons - haven't experienced one yet.
    I've ordered fish, inverts and corals from Jordan at Among the Reef. All 3 times I've ordered I've received healthy inverts, fish and coral. His communication is excellent. He will even try to help you find fish that he doesn't have in stock as part of his concierge service.

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