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Recent User Reviews

  1. grammyreef
    "Great Coral!"
    Pros - Shipment packaged with excellent care. Items were as pictured.
    Just received my first ebay winnings assortment from Aqua SD, and I love these guys. Everything looks good and is doing well. Shipment was packaged with great care. Looking forward to my next batch. Thanks so much!
  2. Pete Horwath
    "Love these folks"
    Pros - great coral shop!!!
    Cons - they are 2500 miles away from
    I popped into AQUA SD when i was on a business trip a few weeks ago. they are serious reefers which a clean shop and great corals. bought a few cool ricordia's (one fluorescent pink) and a nice torch
  3. tweeter
    "Love Aqua SD!"
    Pros - Very nice to work with, very accommodating, great service, great price, great guy!!! Beautiful corals!! What else can I say!
    Cons - none!!!
    I have purchased from Aqua Sd many times, and have always had a great experience. He is always so nice to make your order just as you say, and has very nice pieces, ones that you don't find in many other stores. the prices are great, just a great over all experience! And always throws in a surprise freebie, sometimes prettier even than the ones you buy!! Truely a 5 star place!!
  4. FinDaddy
    "My go to regional coral store"
    Pros - Very knowledgeable people with excellent corals at good prices.
    The corals and BTA that I have purchased from them are all alive and doing well.
  5. FLSharkvictim
    "1 of my TOP supplier for coral"
    Pros - MASSIVE SELECTION / Pricing
    Cons - None that I can find
    I love AquaSD and his HUGE BLOWOUTS every single weekend with over 300 - 400 corals to chose form... This is another one of my top suppliers that I do business with. AquaSD 5 star rating across the board.
  6. gioNVA
    "Awesome maricultured sps"
    I've ordered a whole bunch of times from Will. Awesome selection of SPS maricultured colonies from their Saturday updates. Photos are accurate. Even though I QT the corals, they were clean so far. Great packaging and response. A+++
  7. Tiger-Paws
    "Purchased Corals at ebay auction"
    Pros - Shipped next business day, well packaged, corals seem to be as presented in the aution. Questions answered on a holiday. Good communications
    Cons - None really
    Received 10 Corals today Thursday September 7, 2017 at 10:45 am CST.

    Overall packing was excellent even with a 24 hour delay by UPS the Corals arrived alive, water temp 76.6F and sg 1.02.

    Iis is now 5:00 pm CST and the corals are begining to open uo, everything looks healthy.

    I will buy from them again and I highly recommend Aqua SD as a reliable supplier
  8. furam28
    "Ordered 5 times so far. Never been disappointed!"
    Pros - Large colonies at very fair prices.
    Love ordering from Will@aquasd. He's a great person to work with. Corals are always true to picture... large sizes... packed very well. Will is also very helpful with DOA which happened only once. 1 coral died after a week of receiving and Will gave a full credit towards my next order. Will continue buying from AquaSD.
  9. RT2
    "Ive ordered every week!"
    Pros - Awesome coral, awesome sizes, awesome prices!
    Cons - Im out room in my tank!!!
    If you havent ordered from Aqua SD, donyourself a favor and start! You will be very happy with the quality! Thanks again for everything!
  10. HyphyMike
    "Go-To Coral Vendor"
    Pros - No Bugs or any hitchhikers, great ebay prices, fast shipping, UPS (not fedex)
    I purchased quite a bit of coral from these guys. Got a little caught up in some bidding wars but overall I made out really really good. Ended up getting like 35 different frags for about $500.

    I dipped about half of them in freshwater, coralRX and lugols iodine. After about the 20th frag and still nothing in any of my dip cups, I just stopped. I was shocked at how clean these frags were.

    To this day they are all doing great. Acans tenticles are out all night, all of the zoanthids are still on their plugs and accounted for, none have melted, yet.

    I would and will purchase from these guys again!
    "Love these guys"
    Pros - Great Prices
    Great Products
    Proper packing and shipping
    Love the freebies
    Cons - Hit to my wallet because I want to buy stuff every week.
    Was very satisfied with my first order from you guys... Was blown away by the health and size of the Elegance coral I got... will buy again and again from you.
  12. mdb_talon
    "Grear seller"
    Pros - Fair prices
    Huge selection
    Packaged well
    Nice Freebies
    Great communication
    My favorite seller
  13. chrisparks
    "Best online coral company"
    Pros - Best selection, great prices, awesome service.
    Cons - My wife gets angry when I order without her picking out a few things! Also their frags are to big and they send to many freebies!!! Haha
    Flat out amazing company, don't look anywhere else, I wish I knew about Aqua SD years ago! I could of saved thousands over the years and got more from my money. If I could give you 6 stars I definitely would!
  14. Tom Blevins
    Pros - ALL GOOD.
    Cons - NONE
    Just received my pack and these were all mini colonies no 1/2" sticks here for sure you guys Rock & to boot gave me 2 nice sticks to cover freight AWESOME.

  15. Beej1254
    "Great service and corals!"
    Pros - Great communication, healthy corals, good prices
    I've just got my second order from AquaSD onto my DT frag rack. Just like the first order everything looks healthy and beautiful.

    The service AquaSD provides is top notice throughout the whole buying experience.
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  16. CenlaReefer
    "Aqua SD is an outstanding store"
    Pros - Will is great! Great service and selection.
    Cons - None
    Aqua SD threw in and extra coral in a frag pack. That was a good suprise! Packaging and health of the corals were both great. I would buy from them again.
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  17. rjl45
    "Outstanding Vendor!"
    Pros - Professional packaging, excellent and prompt communication
    Cons - None.
    I just received my first order from AquaSD and I must say, this was probably most professionally packaged coral I have ever recieved, excellent communication, quality of coral outstanding, they opened right up during acclimation, and on top of that freebies!!

    You guys just gained a customer for life!!
    Thanks for everything
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  18. ermartin
    "Love these guys for my online purchases"
    Pros - live sale is the best there is. customer service A+ . great communication
    Cons - My wallet is shrinking fast
    Great place for online purchases. I love the live sale because you don't waste a day waiting for something that someone may take before you can get to it. They always have multiple product and I have never not gotten what i wanted to purchase. I can purchase 10 or more corals of significant color and size for what other vendors are selling an over priced single NUB

    Oh yea and don't forget the FREEBIES.....
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  19. SoCalShore
    "Fantastic Store and great employees!"
    Pros - The best experience I have had buying corals and getting advice.
    Cons - A little far to drive but totally worth it!
    I have been purchasing corals from them for 6 months now. I will order from their sales on reef2reef and the following week I will pick them up. Will and his crew are great to work with and everytime I am there I feel welcome and I see the most beautiful corals I have ever seen in captivity. You pay for quality but it is completely worth it, all of the corals that I have purchased from them are thriving, eating well, and look stunning. I have a love for rock flower nem's and they just got in a huge shipment. I feel so lucky to be one of the first to see them and buy a couple. I'm lucky enough to be able to pick them up but if I ever moved to a location that I was unable to do so I would gladly pay for the shipping. Thanks for the great customer service!
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  20. mejiamale
    "Amazing corals.."
    Pros - These guys are straight with there product, when it says wysiwyg its true. I love this place.
    Cons - None what so ever!
    I can't believe how beautiful my corals turned out. I purchased 4 corals from them and got 4 freebies from them. The temp of the water in the box was perfect. (its cold here in KC) I even had to call at the last minute to have my order held for 3 more days and they gladly did so, I would definitely recommend these guy and also order from them again. They just won another customer over. Thanks Aqua SD!!
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  21. ksfulk
    "ASD Acro Frag Pack"
    Pros - Freebies! Great Communication! Awesome Corals!
    First time shopping with AquaSD, and was a little nervous picking up a well pricing frag pack with no real frag picks. I picked up another chalice piece just for comparison to the pics. Not only was Will awesome with communication throughout the whole process, but he also accommodated a few last minute requests and tossed in a few freebies as well - and not the common 1 zoa polyp or basic acan frag - nice chunky SPS frags!

    The shipper was well packed, insulated, and wrapped. Each frag was filled with water, metal clamped and then all placed in a single bag - then surrounded by packing peanuts and then labeled and sealed up. Frags looked great in the bags, and had polyp extension even throughout the coral dips.

    Top marks all the way around!
  22. steve&mari
    "Asd sales"
    Pros - Great guys and corals
    Cons - None
    I've purchased from Will and Nick multiple times and can't say enough good about them. Corals always healthy and well packed. Delivery is always well communicated and always has freebies. We will definitely purchase more as the reef grows and pockets allow lol.
  23. bsstover
    "One of the best"
    Pros - Pieces are usually better in person than in pictures
    Cons - Can't say anything bad.
    I have placed several orders from AquaSd and not once have I been disappointed. They carefully package each individual coral. The corals always show up alive and well and many times with polyps extending while in the bag still. Color of corals are almost always better in person than expected. When they add freebies, these are usually high quality as well. I'd have no reservation in recommending. I will continue to buy from these guys.
  24. Bayou City Reefer
    "Live Auctions on Reef2Reef"
    Pros - Corals looked exactly line they did on the site. Great packing! Fast and cheap shipping! Great selection and awesome freebies!
    Cons - none
    I have to say, Will over at Aqua Sd made my day! For the first time ever, I purchased from a coral vendor online via Reef2Reef and I got some sweet deals, the frags looked exactly as the pictures and he threw in some great freebies! I will tell all my local reefers in Houston to get with me so we can cut down on shipping for more purchases! Thanks Aqua Sd!

    Sonny aka Bayou City Reefer
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