Austin Aqua Farms

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  • Live Coral
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  • Online Web Store

Recent User Reviews

  1. Chris Harbaugh
    "Great Place"
    Pros - Very friendly and thoughtful people. great corals and clams
    Cons - i have none. good place to buy from
    Good people to buy corals from.. top notch
  2. furam28
    "I'm a local buyer. Great store to buy corals from."
    Pros - They get some really nice pieces in every shipment
    I love buying from AAF. They are local to me, so I can pick up on Saturdays. They get some really nice corals in every shipment. Especially their LPS - acans, euphyllia... I've bought from them many times and corals always do great and stay true to color.
  3. tweeter
    "Nice corals"
    Pros - nice corals, great service
    Cons - none

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