Barrier Reef Aquariums

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  • Live Coral
  • Live Fish
  • Dry Goods
  • Maintenance Service
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  • Online Web Store
  • Physical Brick & Mortar Store
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1717 NE 44th Street Suite A
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Recent User Reviews

  1. HyphyMike
    "Awesome store"
    Pros - Great selection, friendly and very, very knowledgeable staff, beautiful fish and coral
    I've only been here once, since its about 3 hours away from me, but I went for one of their sales, around christmas time and I was blown away. My frag tank wasnt ready for a fish but I ended up picking up an awesome coral to go in my display.

    This store is awesome, if youre a reefer in the area, youve probably already heard of them. Go check em out
  2. todda5914
    "Great Reefing Store"
    Pros - Good selection of customer raised coral frags. Knowledgeable staff. Good attention to packing corals for shipment or travel.
    Cons - Hard to find, unless you've been there before (even with Google).
    This is on my list of places to stop when I am in the Seattle area. I am especially impressed by the number of corals that have been raised for several generations in the NW. I have found their recommendations to be on target. Many good quality corals locally grown frags.
  3. Bryce Peterson
    "Awesome Store"
    Pros - Great selection, Clean healthy livedtock. Great prices. Wonderful staff.
    Cons - None so far
    I only wish they were closer. Luckily, they overnight to anywhere in WA for $15. Everything I have purchased there is alive and thriving.
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