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  1. DivingTheWorld
    "Received my first coral pack from Adam. A+"
    Pros - Corals were packaged well, arrived on time and with full color looking exactly as they should. Adam was very responsive on email.
    Cons - Not really a con, but one coral didn't make it through shipping. Adam was quick to offer a refund and apologize.
    A+ transaction from start to finish. My first pack from Battlecorals will not be my last.
  2. Maacc
    "Best SPS out there Period"
    Pros - Great Customer Service
    Super healthy durable frags
    Adam goes the extra mile to make sure you are successful
    Cons - None
    I have gotten 3 battleboxes in the last 2 years. All have been stunning.
  3. Ty Hamatake
    "It Doesn't Get Any Better"
    Pros - Coral health, selection, price, customer service, and frag size.
    Cons - None
    It really doesn't get any better than Battlecorals. He has the best and healthiest selection, great prices, and awesome customer service. I don't think I'll ever buy SPS from another vendor.
  4. Black Pearl
    "Best coral frags ever"
    Pros - Service, packaging, comunnication
    Cons - nada
    Ordered twice so far from Battle Coral and Adam has just blown me away with the frags I received. large great looking selection and very very nice frag size. Highly recommend
  5. nervousmonkey
    "Best Looking and Healthiest SPS anywhere"
    Pros - Love everything Adam grows
    Cons - none
    Adam always sends the best stock he has, always encrusted and healthy, or if newly cut, he'll ask if you want it now or want him to grow it out with his stuff and ship later. The guy is exactly what the hobby needs. I could send him $1000 and tell him to send me some of his favorite corals and I know I would get something that no one else has.
  6. Jeremy@CoralVue
    "Awesome SPS"
    Pros - Well packed, healthy and great selection
    I received a blind frag pack from BC and could not be happier with the selection and the manner that each of the frags arrived healthy. Will definitely be doing business again. If your looking for quality SPS or that certain piece to set off your aquarium, Battle Corals has it.
  7. JasReef
    "BattleBox Adams Pick"
    Pros - Very Fast shipping!!! Fed Ex for the win!
    Excellent communication!!!
    Cons - Nothing
    I asked for one specific coral and let Adam pick the rest. I got far more than my moneys worth and will order the same way again when the time comes!

    Order from Adam, you will be happy!
  8. Browner20
    "Do yourself a favor and get a Battle pack!"
    Pros - Amazing collection, top notch customer service, and no worry shipping.
    Cons - Addictive - might get divorced as I am too tempted to buy another pack
    Adam is extremely knowledgable in the industry and an expert in SPS. You can even choose corals grown under your specific light type! - crazy. I will be purchasing at least two more packs from Adam just need to space out enough time and build up enough marital credit to avoid the Cons.
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  9. cowboy
    Pros - Great person to do business with beautiful healthy coral.
    Cons - None known
    Adam is a stand up guy with some great customer services, would and will buy from again without hesitation.
  10. DannyB
    "Why are there not MORE stars!"
    Pros - Corals are Beautiful
    Customer Service is top notch
    Guarantee on Corals alive arrival
    Cons - So many corals available and they won't all fit in my tank
    I have bought coral from a few online dealers which have made me very nervous about buying coral online. It took me over a year and half to order coral online again and many recommendations and not one bad review of Battle Corals to get me to take the plunge again. There was an issue with the shipping of my order, not on Battle Corals part, which made my shipment 24 hours late. Luckily only one coral didn't survive which Adam is replacing.

    The next time I order corals it will be from Battle Corals and be highly recommended in the future.
  11. SunnyX
    "Great corals and even better service!"
    Pros - Amazing corals. Excellent shipping practices. Outstanding service.
    Cons - None!
    Simply the best! Buy with confidence.
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  12. lyrical
    "Battlecorals is awesome and this is why..."
    Pros - Honest, helpful, friendly, accurate, generous
    Cons - Nothing. Buy with confidence.
    So I just got my first pack from Adam at @Battlecorals and I am really impressed with the corals and the service. I messaged a lot of vendors around Xmas time looking for someone to purchase a gift card from and many never replied, a few did with short responses, but Adam responded quickly and was very friendly. He told me I could use it whenever and he seemed very appreciative and answered all my questions.

    So when he posted a few packs recently I messaged him about my card and told him some of the corals I liked from the packs and to put together something for me from the list that I gave him that I liked. Like a day later I received a beautiful photo of some amazing corals showing me the pack he had created for me. It was beyond generous and it even included shipping.

    Thanks Adam for the amazing SPS and generous package. I will definitely be purchasing again :)
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  13. Tom Blevins
    "Outstanding customer service"
    Pros - Awesome selection of corals & picture correct with color!
    Cons - none
    It's been a while since I received my large order from Adam
    most now are mini colonies in our tank but this rating system was not available back then but all came in colored up and no D.O.A.

    Adam is Top Notch and buy with confidence!

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  14. Dave3112
    "The BEST! Period."
    Pros - Communication, Quality, Selection, Price
    Cons - None what so ever
    I have been privileged to have received 2 "battle packs" so far, but there will be many, many more to come! Adam is the shining star in the SPS coral propagation business. From his excellent and thorough communication, to his selection of healthy and colorful SPS corals, I challenge you to find any one better in this business! You simply can not! Thank you Adam for some of the brightest and healthiest corals in my tank!!
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  15. Coralz
    "Simply Amazing"
    Pros - The highest quality SPS.
    Cons - None
    I received my coral and they are all in great shape and have absolutely amazing colors. Exactly as pictured which I find to be rare when buying coral online.

    A+ Service. Couldn't be happier.
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  16. ScottWolver
    "Simply Brillant"
    I have recently "discovered" Battlecorals and only wish I had sooner. i have purchased three packs from Adam so far and they have all been extraordinary. Adam himself is nothing but an absolute pleasure to deal with and his integrity is off the charts. No place better for SPS as far as I am concerned.
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