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  1. Electricianreefer
    "Great company"
    Pros - Incredible videos on product information
    Cons - Would like to see discounts for customers who frequent
    Overall a great experience, solid website , large selection and wonderful product videos.
  2. Dave Splain
    "Excellent Site"
    Pros - Pricing, Shipping, Customer service
    Cons - None so far
    Product pricing is right on and their customer service is outstanding. I use their products (DI resins and Reef Chili) and unlike allot of places their stuff seems to be top notch!
  3. Denise&JoelRod
    Pros - GREAT SALES
  4. FLSharkvictim
    "Superior Customer Service & Lighting Fast Free !!"
    Pros - Ryan & Randy's Videos are Priceless with all the experiments they do..
    Cons - Can't find one...
    Great Company to do business with and excellent to work with.
  5. lilbitreefer
    "Loving their research"
    Pros - Replaced items quickly without hassle
    They are actually researching their products
    Love this company. I had fresh water tanks as a teenager. Never got into the saltwater. When I came across their yourtube videos it gave me the confidence to jump off the deep end and built my own tank. I love how they research much of the new products. I know it takes a while but I would like a nice unbiased review of all the pricier items they sell, not just a select few for a video series. Such as products over $500. Now it seems a lot of this research they are doing is being made public and not staying behind university doors or big companies.
  6. Adele
    "Love this place!"
    Pros - Top notch and beyond, customer service.
    Cool videos
    Well designed web page for shopping
    Great mascot Mr.Chili (what the heck is he anyway?Lol)
    Cons - None
    I discovered BRS when I started my upgrade about a year ago.
    Since, they have provided countless bits of knowledge that even in 10 yrs prior reefing experience, I didn’t have. Their videos are a wonderful resource and I feel pretty confident in their suggestions and recommendations. In an age where it seemed customer service was dead these folks have done their homework on customer satisfaction.
  7. Wynn
    "BRS is hard to beat"
    Pros - Customer service, selection, education, price
    Cons - Not instant like purchasing at LFS
    I just started shopping at BRS earlier this year when I set up my 750XXL and I couldn't be happier. Their customer service is what all companies should strive for, selection and price are very good and I have learned several things from their great educational videos. I just wish I would have found them sooner so I could have saved thousands of dollars over the past 10 years.
  8. Ferrell
    "Fantastic customer service and great prices toboot"
  9. Tedzilla
    "Fast Shipping!!! Great YouTube videos!!!"
  10. A_Poythress
    "Genuine passion for the hobby!"
    Pros - Great customer support.
    Great videos (that matter)
    Cons - None!
    This company truly cares about getting people plugged into the saltwater hobby. They sell quality items (that they personally use) and they educate so well! They care about the hobby more than they care about sales.
  11. JcSH2O
    "Customer Service is #1"
    Pros - Customer service is number 1, hands down the best I've experienced! Shipping is free, and reasonably fast.
    Cons - Selection is somewhat subjectively limited... Not necessarily a bad thing, just limited.
    My go to for most things I need or want. Great job!!!!
  12. estebanb450
    "Service is great"
    Pros - Customer service is great. Rewards system is awesome
    Cons - They do not have a warehouse on the west coast sometimes the deliveries are 1,2 days behind but I think that is on ups.
    Before I started my tank I was on you tube looking for how-to videos, pretty much anything that would help me succeed in the long run with my tank stumbled upon brs you tube 52 weeks of reefing than started watching the other videos they had long story short they have helped me with the success of my tank.
  13. zatch
    "BRS has been my go-to shop for years"
    Pros - Good pricing
    Good customer service
    BRS is one of the best in the hobby. Anytime I've had an issue they are quick to address it and the bonus points/loyalty program is great too.
  14. BasicReefer
    "Very Knowledgeable and honest!"
    Pros - - Honest

    - Not tooo bias

    - Reliable

    -Free Shipping

    - Good stuff!
    Cons - - Not enough videos *laughing face*

    - Too good to be true.
    I'm new to the Reefing community and BRS has literally shown me the ropes through their video series on YouTube "52 Weeks of Reefing". Very awesome!
  15. don_chuwish
    "Always great, stand by their offerings"
    Pros - Excellent service and education efforts. Great selection of good products that ship quickly and reliably.
    Cons - None to note
    When a Red Sea test kit arrived and I found one of the bottles in the sealed retail packaging had leaked everywhere, they just sent me another one. Not their fault at all but they still stepped up and took care of it.
  16. Ivan Stoiljkovic
    Pros - Videos spot on, unbiased
    A lot of information
    Cons - I wish customer service people have watched their videos too.
    Some time they give lousy advice
    Watched almost every episode and probably 80% of videos the got posted
    Cant thank them enough.
    This was my main education before I started my build
  17. Tankster86
    "Excellent YouTube channel"
    Pros - The online store offers amazing products at a fair price. And the YouTube channel is an excellent educational resource for beginners and experienced reefers alike.
  18. Young@Heart
    Pros - Great Service - Excellent Packaging
    Cons - None as of Yet
    I recently have ordered Dry Rock for my Aquascaping of my new build. I was expecting the rock to com lightly packaged in the box. Nope the Rock was wrapped in a bag, with foam peanuts all around. Thought this might be a fluke, but I had two more boxes of rock that shipped the same way. I am impressed. Next order is 120 lbs of Sand lets see how they do that! Will order and recommend.
  19. DSmithZ28
    "Excellent Service"
    Pros - Customer Service
    Technical knowledge
    Competitive pricing
    Amazing content provider
    Cons - None
    Their customer service is simply best in class. You can tell they love what they do because they take the time to listen. Great service and great products with very competitive pricing.
  20. Giraffe0621
    "Amazing Customer Service!"
    Pros - top-notch customer service, very thorough with explanations & advice, easy to reach, etc.
    Cons - N/A
    @Bulk Reef Supply -- you guys are THE BEST!

    I dreaded calling to ask if my tank order could be canceled since it had already shipped. Most companies would be impossible to reach, be disinterested in helping, and take forever to figure out a solution if they would offer one at all.

    Not Bulk Reef Supply -- very short wait time, 5 minutes on the phone with super friendly customer service based here in the US, eager to help, and sympathetic to my situation! They promised to call me back soon with the next steps, as it sounds like this doesn't happen too often. Within 2 hours BRS called back saying the tank is being shipped back to Red Sea, not to me. One VERY small fee later, crisis averted.

    Seriously -- these guys are AMAZING and made a pretty lousy situation a HECK of a lot better. Will definitely use BRS when I start a smaller tank soon!
  21. candelz
    "One stop shop"
    Pros - They ha e everything you need and very helpful information and videos
    Cons - None!!!
  22. Rick Mathew
    "Commitment To Investing In the Hobby!"
    Pros - Everything you read in the above reviews and most likely more
    Cons - None Comes to mind
    In my experience companies that invest in their industry are real leaders. They are taking the money I send to them and reinvesting part of that into improving my success. In turn I am going to buy product from them...yes even if it costs a little more. This is very much the culture, core values and practices of BRS...
  23. karo25
    "Everything but the Fish"
    Pros - One stop shopping. Hard to find plumbing supplies. Knowledgeable. Friendly. Community interactive. Informative videos on everything.
    Cons - Don't sell fish :)
    One day I came across a BRSTV video while browsing Youtube. One video led to another until I was hooked. I always wanted a reef tank but never felt comfortable starting one until now. Thanks guys!
  24. Chavin20
    "One stop shop"
    Pros - Best customer service and educational video
    Cons - I hate $MAP$
    I learned and started my reef tank from watch their old video. I still folllow than on YouTube today. All my ordered always arrived on time. Their customer service is top notch.
  25. ws6kid
    "Awesome job and selection."
    Pros - Quick shipments, packaged well.
    Cons - None that I have encountered.
    These guys are top notch. Would hate to know how much I have spent with them to date :)

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