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  • Live Coral
  • Maintenance Service
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  • Online Web Store
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6924 Canby Ave. Ste 113
Los Angeles
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Icemam457
    "Top shelf corals and affordable"
    Pros - Great Pictures and great customer services
    Cons - none
  2. mb165
    "Great Zoas/Palys"
    Pros - Great frags, reasonable prices and shipping
    California Aquariums has amazing frags with accurate pictures taken of them. The shipping cost is reasonable especially for Californians(it's also nice the package doesn't have to travel across the country). I'll definitely be picking up more from them.
  3. Wael Binali
    "Fantastic Vendor"
    Pros - Great Corals, Great Price, Helpful, Honest.
    Great Corals, Great Price, Always easy to talk to and they are extremely helpful and honest! I've never had a problem with them and a lot of the time their corals that they have for sale have grown out some so you get more than you pay for. Sometimes I get freebies which is always great as well :)
  4. Lebreton33
    "First Order"
    Order came in looking great today, everything is puffed up and happy. Prices are very reasonable as well. Elliot was very patient with me as I built an order over a couple weeks. Will buy from again and I would definitely recommend them to others! - Phil
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  5. Reeferside
    "California Aquariums needs to move closer to me"
    Pros - Clean set up | Friendly & helpful guys | Super fire selection | Mature and healed frags | Very knowledgeable | Easy to find | Top shelf communication and information | Amazing display
    If you aren't already.. hurry up and check these guys out. Pricing is top notch and they got some fire corals. Display tank game on point + they are super friendly and helpful.

    If you got any questions, they will take care of you n try their best to help you out with whatever it may be. Elliot spent 45 minutes just explaining how he would set up my water mixing station even though the shop was quite busy and there were other things he could've spent his time doing.

    Corals look amazing. I've ordered from them via website (easy to use + very efficient) and shipping was on point. Visiting the store only makes me wish they were closer so I can have a b****en LFS.

    Got myself some goodies and will be heading back as soon as possible. Finding this gem is going to be deadly for my wallet and relationship.
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  6. Peter A
    "Great guys and great service"
    Pros - Lots of Beautifully colored frags at great prices. Elliot and Austin are knowledgable and answer all the questions you may have.
    I first went to California Aquariums earlier this year when I was rebuilding my 50 gallon tank. They have a great selection of frags and their display tank is beautiful. They have some beautifully colored frags that are so much better than anything I have seen at the other stores in the LA area.

    Elliot and Austin are really helpful and knowledgable. There is no sales pitch or pressure to buy corals. It's easy to spend a couple hours looking and talking.

    I had to resist buying a bunch of frags the first visit since my tank wasn't mature enough so only went home with a few pieces. But I kept going back and getting more over the months. Every coral I have purchased has thrived in my tank and have even started fragging them.
  7. watchguy123
    "Great coral"
    Pros - Incredible coral, happy and colored up. Awesome stock of sps and lps
    Their stock of coral are beautiful. Great sps as well as lps. Their shop is local so I've seen their coral and their online photos and they are as pictured. Great guys committed to reefing and being a supplier of quality colorful corals
  8. Wankell
    "Top quality vendor!"
    Pros - Great selection! Down to earth, Clean shop, Good prices!
    Cons - 1 hour away from me!
    Decided to visit California Aquariums today with my son and i'm glad I did! They are a good group of guys and their shop is clean with great a selection of corals at SUPER competitive prices. To top it off they have a sweet shop dog that helps you pick out corals! :p

    Definitely a store I can stand behind and support, keep doing what you guys are doing! I look forward to visiting again!
  9. bmeudy
    Pros - Packing, communication, pricing, all around great
    I've done a couple orders with CaliAquariums. If you're not ordering from them, you're missing out. These guys have great service, selection and pricing. Not to mention their corals are colorful and super healthy. Don't miss out!
  10. reef_lover24881
    "Awesome coral and service"
    Pros - California aquariums has some corals that are straight fire. They have a great selection of healthy fish and coral. I picked up a Hawaiian flame wrasse for the tank :) and a few frags. This store is definitely worth the visit.
    Cons - NA
    California aquariums has some corals that are straight fire. They have a great selection of healthy fish and coral. I picked up a Hawaiian flame wrasse for the tank :) and a few frags. This store is definitely worth the visit. Thanks Austin and Elliot.
  11. acesq
    "Great selection and service"
    Pros - high end stuff reasonably priced and very helpful owners
    Cons - none
    Can't say enough good things about California Aquariums. They have a great selection of zoas, lps and SPS (nice high ends sticks) all at reasonable prices and they build and service reef tanks as well. All credit goes to the two owners, Austin and Elliot, who are really great guys who love what they do, are very knowledgeable and are committed to keeping their customers happy.

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