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  1. Tphill
    "5 day flash auction"
    Pros - Packaging, Health of corals
    Cons - none
    My pros and cons say it all. The packaging was excellent and the corals arrived in excellent condition!
  2. Genicanthus-R-Us
    "Best by far"
    Pros - Packaging
    Corals are exactly as shown
    Cons - Not one
    First off, I don’t know how Todd and Brett keep their coral in stock with the quality and prices they offer. Their packaging is by far the best I have seen in 15 years of reefing and their customer communication/service is even better. They have the best aquacultured coral selection I have seen and they are generous with the sizes and prices provided.
  3. Urbanknight
    "Excellent Customer Service"
    Pros - Brett and the guys n gals at Cherry Corals Care about their customers as well as their beautiful corals!
    Cons - None
    During the couple of weeks that we were in a deep freeze around the country, I had an order in to Cherry Corals. The week prior to when the order was to deliver, I received an email and a follow up phone call from Brett. He expressed his concern about shipping in the bad weather. We both looked ahead at the weather on both our ends and selected a delivery date when our weather would be better. Now that folks is the kind of customer service you can expect from Cherry Corals. It doesn't hurt their cause either that they have some of the most colorful corals and frags available!
  4. Sterlingg
    "*** Read ME **"
    Pros - Colorful
    Great packing
    Good pricing
    What a great experience! I purchased a few corals from the live show & the Cherry Corals website. Similar to the rest of you in the hobby, the vibrant colors is what attracted me and to exceed my satisfaction they arrived just as pictured if not way better. From the quality packaging, the pest free corals, amazing prices and overall superior customer service. I would strongly encourage you to check these guys out! PS. On my 3rd of many more orders! 12.3.17

    Dallas, Tx
  5. danschargers21
    "Live sale order"
    Pros - Packing was awesome. Corals looked amazing
    Cons - None
  6. dacyums
    "Excellent Corals...."
    Pros - Some of the best packaging I have seen in over 20 years of shipping in live goods. Communications was excellent. Very impressed all around with Cherry Corals.
    Cons - I should of purchased more!!
    Will be ordering again.... AAA+++
  7. Nathan Dwight Mcintyre
    "Live sale order"
    Pros - Excellent packaging and shipping and corals looked fantastic
    Cons - None
    Cherry corals is awesome all the livestock they have is in excellent shape when arrived and the customer service is the best.
  8. Don Arndt
    "Always the best"
    Pros - Healthy as advertised ni truck photography
    Cons - No ne
  9. fishyflorida
    "Awesome coral"
    I just got a my first shipment of corals and one rock anemone today. Everything was packed nicely and looked good. Also loved the free frag and coral food that came with it. Will definitely order from them again!
  10. bpinkstaff
    "Amazing in everything they do"
    Pros - Fast, great prices, and shipped perfectly
    Cons - None
    I got my shipment today from Cherry Corals!!! I was like a kid at Christmas! I have to say I am very impressed with their service. No

    Matter what my question as a

    New b to ordering online they were there for me. The package arrived today and was packed perfectly. All the corals look

    Super healthy in the bags and I can't wait to get them in my tank! I plan on stopping by to see these guys when I am by them next month and if they have time take them to dinner! Amazing company, great product, great shipping, great packing, corals in great shape, great customer service and even a little something for my fish and corals included as a treat. Get busy guys I need lots more coral!!!!!
  11. YumaMan
    "Ten Year Anniversary Sale Was Great!"
    Pros - Beautiful and less common corals, healthy, good frag size, at a low price. Customer Service and shipping was second to none. I will shop again! Cherry Corals is #1!
    Cons - Unless you have a supercomputer with incredible internet connection you will react too slowly in the live auction for the steep discount items. It was frustrating to sit for hours waiting for your favs but not able to clinch them in time.
    Cherry Corals is tops! Professional in every respect. Five stars.
  12. Kandace
    "Amazing selection and customer service!!!"
    Pros - Free frag first purchase!
    Cons - Unnecessary heat pack. I live in AZ.
    I've only shopped with Cherry Corals twice now and both times I have been very pleased! WYSIWYG.I only ordered one frag each purchase, both over $100 and I got an incredible FREE frag both times!!! Brett Harris and a Todd Cherry himself both personally emailed me asking what day works best to ship. No extra cost! I also received an email after I received my corals asking how everything went. Outstanding customer service! My corals had no problem acclimating and opened up almost instantly. There was a heat pack and I do live in Arizona but with the overnight shipping it didn't seem to affect anything. They sure mean it, if it's not hot..they don't have it. All of their corals are incredible. I will be purchasing more in the future!!!
  13. SPS Junky
    "Top Notch Corals and Customer Service"
    Pros - Todd responds quickly to orders and/or questions, great corals for fair prices, superb packing and on-time shipping
    Cons - None
    Todd at Cherry Corals is a great guy and takes care of any and every concern you may have about placing an order and receiving superior quality corals. His customer service is outstanding and corals always arrive in excellent condition. Packing is superb. I love the cups he places the coral plugs in in the bags so they don't bang around during shipping. He also includes complimentary extras to enhance his customers' experience. Who could ask for more? Kudos to Todd and Cherry Corals!
  14. RUNVS
    "Great Packaging and Excellent looking Sticks"
    Received my corals today, they were packaged great and look awesome in the bags. Really excited to get these in my tank.

    Frags are chunky as well. I will be buying here more often.
  15. joeboots82520
    "My go to stick candyland"
    Pros - Exceptional customer service, perfect delivers
    I have ordered from them on countless occasions and have never been disappointed. Every coral you buy is WYSIWYG. Period. Corals are packed perfectly every time with the signature cup cradle for each beautiful frag.
  16. revhtree
    "Beautiful corals, packed great, very happy!"
    Pros - Quick and prfessional
    Heat pack was nice and warm, corals were packed tight and most of all they were beautiful!
  17. AngieGrabko
    "Awesome Corals and Great Packaging!"
    Pros - Beautiful corals, expert packaging - love everything we received
    A+ all the way. Very happy with our gorgeous new corals! Impressed with packaging and customer service.
  18. Salty_galaxy89
    "Great experience."
    Pros - High quality corals and great customer service.
    Cons - Realizing how much money you spent, haha
    Cherrys always have great corals at the local frag swaps, so, I had to see what there live sales were like. First one went well and grabbed a few nice pieces. That led me to an in-store pick up and I was impressed with the facilities. Great work guys.
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  19. leeransetton
    "First purchase - looks great!"
    Pros - Colors, quality and good costumer service
    Cons - None
    I ordered some acroporas and rock anemones, they all came alive and beautiful.

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  20. AntarcticIkeelu
    "Great corals as always Todd"
    Pros - Priced well, really easy to work with, great service
    Cons - After 20 minutes of pondering...still couldn't come up with any
    Ordered some zoas a couple weeks ago and man they look great. Thanks for another great shipment.
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  21. drgibby
    "Great Customer Service"
    Pros - Ordered corals got an email within minutes asking when to ship. Shipping was well packaged even for the cold weather. Corals came in great condition and were healthy.
    Excellent Customer service. Corals were all healthy. Customer is very happy.
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  22. cbear44
    Pros - If in the Metro Detroit area you have to check out their place in person!
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  23. James G
    "Live sale goodies"
    Pros - Lots of variety, great wysiwyg corals!
    Cons - Some of them are hard to get, there are some quick buyers on the live sales, but it just adds to the excitement when you get one!!!
    We got 4 corals from the last live sale, my wife was just as excited to participate as I was!!! Despite dropping one of the frags during transfer, they all look great! Thanks to Brett for finding one of my "lost" orders. I cannot wait until my next purchase from Cherry Corals!!!!
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  24. Scurvy
    Pros - Simple process all the way around.
    Phenominal packing. Best I've encountered in my online coral shopping. It more than likely could have survived a couple of days in packing.
    Cons - None to speak of.
    Great pieces! Coloring matched what was seen in postings. Opened up in QT within an hour. As a first time live sale participant I will definitely be ordering Fresh Cherries in future.
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  25. Wanda Jo
    "First time order"
    Pros - Beautiful healthy coral.
    Cons - None, nope nu-uh.....
    I don't like to venture too much from a selected few online shops due to being burned. However the reviews I researched made me bite the bullet and jump on the Halloween live sale and I'm very pleased I did. I was totally lost as this was my first live auction but I must say I was quick enough to walked away with some awesome Euphyllia that I actually wanted they arrive healthy, bright eyed and bushy tailed~* Already thinking of placing another order!
    Thanks guys your awesome~*
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