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  1. mtdaly85
    "Polyps extended in the bag!"
    Pros - The corals arrived looking very healthy. As the title would suggest, the acros had their polyps extended n the bag. Vibrant colors, generous frags, and pictures that accurately represent the actual coral.
    Cons - The only area of improvement would be for the guys at CC to invest in a heat / shrink wrap (a la BattleCorals, FHC, TSA/RD) to get a tighter seal on the bags. I'm really just being picky here because there is NOTHING wrong with the corals themselves
    Picked up 10 random frags during a live sale. For $200 (plus $40 shipping), I can't get over the quality of the corals I received. I'll definitely be back!
  2. Wolskinyc
    Pros - Perfect
    Thanks for delivery all look great. Each Coral was packed very well with plastic protection cup.
    Definitely will buy in the future
    Thanks again
  3. Beth Rockafellow
    "Top Notch!!"
    Pros - Healthy stock sent, excellent packaging. Beautiful coral to pick from.
    Cons - none
    The coral I ordered arrived in excellent shape and is doing well in my tank. I love Cherry Corals!
  4. Nalini Akolekar
    "My first Cherry Corals arrived"
    Pros - beautiful corals, good prices, very carefully packaged for shipping
    Cons - None
    The corals I bought from Cherry look fantastic! Healthy, colorful and packed really well for shipping. I’m a satisfied customer. Great deals in the live sale.
  5. chinw76
    "First Live Sale I have done"
    Pros - Friendly staff and the live sale was alot of fun.
    Cons - None
    I bought from Cherry Corals before and this was my first live sale. I am very happy with the corals that I received from them. I won 12 frags in the sale. It was a fun and addictive event. I think I got too many corals, but couldn't pass on the deals.
  6. accline
    "First Time Live Sale"
    Pros - Packed well and healthy livestock
    Cons - None
    i am so impressed with this company. Everything was packed well and my coral was much bigger than I expected. I will definitely order from this company again. They also sent me a sample of Reef Roids which is a classy move. I would most assuredly recommend buying from them. I know I will purchase from them again. I will also participate in another live sale, it was like a mini soap keep waiting to see what’s next
  7. ADAM
    "Another great order"
    Pros - Selection, Price, Shipping
    Not my first Cherry order and definitely not the last. Good selection and price coupled with good customer service is a great combo.
  8. Reefcube
    "First time buyer"
    Pros - Shipping, packaging, customer service and the corals themself
    Cons - None so far
    This is my first time purchasing from Cherry Corals and let me tell you super pleased about the buying and customer service experience. I would tell everyone to give Cherry corals a try next time you buy!!!
  9. Sk8erSpanky
    "First time customer"
    Pros - Beautiful corals along with beautiful prices!
    Cons - I should have purchased more coral from them! Hindsight is 20/20 I guess!
    This weekends live sale was the first time that I have done business with cherry corals. I was very impressed when my order arrived! Ive done live sales in the past and this was the most well run live sale I have participated from.
  10. CalebWBrink2000
    "No Compromise"
    Pros - Shipping packaging, coral size, accurate photography, healthy specimens
    Cons - Shipping is a little bit higher than other vendors
    While the shipping is expensive, it's the best shipping I've seen so far. All of the livestock came in a styrofoam box taped shut in a cardboard box. The corals were wrapped in this foil-esque cover to trap in warmth and the heat pad was still warm. Both corals were triple bagged and they even had a plastic cone around the frag plug to keep it from crushing under its own weight should it turn upside down during shipment.

    The photographs were accurate and the corals were the size I expected them to be, not abnormally small like some other vendors. Excellent health.

    I'll definitely be shopping at Cherry Corals again; the selection is great for some more exotic pieces and I love supporting a small, wholesome business. A+.
  11. DaveC
    "Coral MADNESS in March!"
    Pros - well packed
    fast shipping
    great communication
    beautiful corals
    Cons - none
    I was fortunate enough to win 5 corals during Coral Madness. I received them the time & day expected in a very well packaged container. All corals were and continue to be in great health. Much better than the pictures.

    Very happy customer!
  12. Cmccarthy
    "Amazing Coral Experience"
    Pros - Great selection with very reasonable prices and super high quality!!!
    I love doing business with Cherry Corals. They have amazing customer service and to top that off they have amazing corals and great prices. I will repeatedly do business with this company. Awesome!!!!
  13. Sara1020
    "Another successful purchase"
    Pros - Healthy beautiful corals. Fast shipping
    Received all 8 of my corals from the March madness sale in perfect condition. Thank you very much. Couldn’t be any happier.
  14. shikashane
    "A new and great experience"
    Pros - Awsome selection of corals and price points.
    Cons - Cant think of any.
    First off I used the mobile site and its fun to use. When shoping your eyes focus on the photo of coral due to the black background. The photos taken are under the perfect settings so not mislead you of the colors in the coral. The colors of the corals in my tank were verry accurate to the photos. I stayed around the $30 price point and still recived a pretty high end coral. The Ausi Acan for example. It was a beautiful piece with 3 heads. Do to the time of year they recommend shipping it to a UPS store with hold for pickup service which in my 17 years of reefing ive never done before. It avoids the rough ride in the truck and mishandling. It stays in a controlled temperature room untill your able to pick it up. The corals packed in plastic cups for protection. When I pulled the bags out from the cooler the corals were open with polyp extention. Which again in my 17yrs never seen ever! I was verry satisfied and Im a verry picky reefer!
  15. clownenthusiast2017
    "Unreal Corals"
    Pros - Customer service, quality corals, healthy corals, everything you'd want a coral company to be like!
    I have never seen such quality corals in my life. The variety they have is unreal and each coral looks better than the last. I honestly don't know how they keep corals in stock. Their prices are unbeatable and the pieces they have are like no other. If you're debating on whether you should order from Cherry Corals, you should... You won't regret it!

    Thank you, Cherry Corals for my amazing piece! Will be sure to order form you guys again.

    -Robin Schwartz
  16. Tphill
    "5 day flash auction"
    Pros - Packaging, Health of corals
    Cons - none
    My pros and cons say it all. The packaging was excellent and the corals arrived in excellent condition!
  17. Genicanthus-R-Us
    "Best by far"
    Pros - Packaging
    Corals are exactly as shown
    Cons - Not one
    First off, I don’t know how Todd and Brett keep their coral in stock with the quality and prices they offer. Their packaging is by far the best I have seen in 15 years of reefing and their customer communication/service is even better. They have the best aquacultured coral selection I have seen and they are generous with the sizes and prices provided.
  18. Urbanknight
    "Excellent Customer Service"
    Pros - Brett and the guys n gals at Cherry Corals Care about their customers as well as their beautiful corals!
    Cons - None
    During the couple of weeks that we were in a deep freeze around the country, I had an order in to Cherry Corals. The week prior to when the order was to deliver, I received an email and a follow up phone call from Brett. He expressed his concern about shipping in the bad weather. We both looked ahead at the weather on both our ends and selected a delivery date when our weather would be better. Now that folks is the kind of customer service you can expect from Cherry Corals. It doesn't hurt their cause either that they have some of the most colorful corals and frags available!
  19. Sterlingg
    "*** Read ME **"
    Pros - Colorful
    Great packing
    Good pricing
    What a great experience! I purchased a few corals from the live show & the Cherry Corals website. Similar to the rest of you in the hobby, the vibrant colors is what attracted me and to exceed my satisfaction they arrived just as pictured if not way better. From the quality packaging, the pest free corals, amazing prices and overall superior customer service. I would strongly encourage you to check these guys out! PS. On my 3rd of many more orders! 12.3.17

    Dallas, Tx
  20. danschargers21
    "Live sale order"
    Pros - Packing was awesome. Corals looked amazing
    Cons - None
  21. dacyums
    "Excellent Corals...."
    Pros - Some of the best packaging I have seen in over 20 years of shipping in live goods. Communications was excellent. Very impressed all around with Cherry Corals.
    Cons - I should of purchased more!!
    Will be ordering again.... AAA+++
  22. Nathan Dwight Mcintyre
    "Live sale order"
    Pros - Excellent packaging and shipping and corals looked fantastic
    Cons - None
    Cherry corals is awesome all the livestock they have is in excellent shape when arrived and the customer service is the best.
  23. Don Arndt
    "Always the best"
    Pros - Healthy as advertised ni truck photography
    Cons - No ne
  24. fishyflorida
    "Awesome coral"
    I just got a my first shipment of corals and one rock anemone today. Everything was packed nicely and looked good. Also loved the free frag and coral food that came with it. Will definitely order from them again!
  25. bpinkstaff
    "Amazing in everything they do"
    Pros - Fast, great prices, and shipped perfectly
    Cons - None
    I got my shipment today from Cherry Corals!!! I was like a kid at Christmas! I have to say I am very impressed with their service. No

    Matter what my question as a

    New b to ordering online they were there for me. The package arrived today and was packed perfectly. All the corals look

    Super healthy in the bags and I can't wait to get them in my tank! I plan on stopping by to see these guys when I am by them next month and if they have time take them to dinner! Amazing company, great product, great shipping, great packing, corals in great shape, great customer service and even a little something for my fish and corals included as a treat. Get busy guys I need lots more coral!!!!!

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