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  1. zatch
    "Icecap K2-50 Missing Parts"
    Pros - Quality products
    Cons - Missing pieces when I received it. When I told them what I was missing (some nylon screws and a fitting) they sent me another half of skimmer body instead???
    Seems to be a good quality product for the price (Icecap K2-50) but after contacting to receive parts that were missing from a new in box skimmer, they instead sent me different parts altogether.

    Wasn't worth making a fuss about but somebody isn't paying attention in the QC dept
  2. Elmer
    "Octo 152-s"
  3. timkenagy
    "Bubble Blaster 5000"
    Pros - Customer service was top notch in the industry. Couldn't have been more helpful.
    Cons - Pump broke but was replaced.. Not sure if was still under warranty.
    My bubbleblaster 5000 pump stopped working. I filmed a video of what it was doing and sent it to Coralvues customer support. They said I had a bad impeller (one that I had recently replaced for $100) they sent out a brand new one immediately. After receiving it, it continued doing the same thing.. They said to send the pump in along with receipt/proof of purchase. I wasnt positive when I bought it and couldn't get a new reciept because the place I bought it from went out of business last year. I sent it in anyway. A few days later I received an email stating that a brand new pump was being sent out as a warranty replacement. Things like this is why most of the products on my system is under the coralvue/Maxspect/Reef Octopus etc brand name. As they will go through great lengths to make sure there customers are taken care of. I wish I could say the same for all companies (hint Digital Aquatics)
  4. trio91
    "quality items"
    Pros - great products, great and attentive customer service staff
    i had an issue with my smart ATO pump once....contacted customer service and was responded to with in a day....problem was resolved headache free
  5. mguili1947
    Pros - Great customer support
    Cons - none
  6. melypr1985
    Pros - Quality Afordable
    Cons - clunky
    I bought a 36 inch T5/ Led combo from Coralvue. It came quickly and is easily my favorite light fixture ever. Quality for the money. It's only problem was that the 4 cords and huge box with switches is very clunky. But considering I didn't pay much for it, I think it's totally worth it.

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