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Recent User Reviews

  1. CMO
    "Outstanding Fish & Service"
    Pros - Outstanding communication and high quality fish!
    Cons - Zero, nada, none!
    I was looking for quite some time for a nice pair of Spotcinctus clownfish which are quite hard to find and finally found them from Cultivated Reef. I contacted the company with a few questions and to see if they could help select me two fish that would make a nice pair. Holly was wonderful to work with and sent me two perfect fish that paired up immediately and are absolutely beautiful.

    After contacting other major retailers of captive bred clowns I found Cultivated Reefs offering and services to be among the best.

    Couldn't ask for much more. Thanks Cultivated Reef!
  2. Big C
    "Great selection and service!"
    Pros - Selection, sales, packaging and most of all customer service!
    Cons - None.
    Have placed several order with Cultivated Reef (zoas, LPS, SPS, you name it). Each order had a personal email following up to make sure everything went well. They even have worked around a few snow storms.... Good selections and sales. Every order packaged well and arrived in good condition except one SPS but they quickly resolved! I continue to order from them. Again great customer service! :):):)
  3. Zaven D
    "Hands Down Best Place To Get Coral!"
    Pros - Everything!
    Cons - None
    Love ordering from cultivated reef. Words cannot express the quality of the product, customer service, and overall pricing.

    You cannot go wrong buying from here, everything is priced to perfection, and the quality is great!

    The packaging cannot be beaten, I live in Southern California where the weather can spike up to 100°+. The livestock has never arrived DOA.

    The customer service I receive here is phenomenal, and quick!

    The frags are all clean cut, and thriving upon arrival.

    10/10 would recommend to anyone who wants great corals, and a beautiful selection for their display tanks.
  4. Stolireef
    "The Best for SPS."
    Pros - Everything
    Cons - Nothing
    I rarely shout out for vendors but I can't resist on this one. I just received my second order from them and I don't think I've ever seen nicer frags from a coral vendor. I ordered the double frags where available and they are truly double sized. Every coral has the color exactly as shown on the website and the customer service is truly extraordinary. In addition, while certainly not cheap, the prices, particularly for the size of the frags, are very reasonable. They also carry some really unusual pieces. I know poci's are often not favored by SPS peeps but check out their Commoner's Envy. Coolest poci I've ever seen. I'll post some lousy pictures when my lights come on.

    BTW, Holly is amazing to work with.
  5. Ty Hamatake
    "Awesome In Every Way!"
    Pros - Prices, healthy corals, discount system, packaging, frag size, and lastly their customer service simply cannot be beat.
    Cons - None.
    So far I've placed two orders with Cultivated Reef. The first was a fairly large order, 12 pieces total, and every frag came in happy, healthy, and very generously sized. Second order was significantly smaller at only three frags and a quarter of the price. The size of the order had zero bearing on the care taken with it. Unfortunately these frags came in slightly bleached, enter Holly a.k.a. Customer Service Rockstar. After many e-mails back and forth (answered within the hour by her) we decided it was possibly due to the shipping container getting too warm. I take full responsibility for order coral from Maine, weather in the 30's, and shipping to California, weather in the mid 70's, she still worked with me (through the weekend I might add) to ensure the corals pulled through. I honestly can't praise or recommend these guys enough. They have earned a customer for life! Thank you CR for giving my tank potential to be great!
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  6. leena2674
    Pros - Great livestock, communication, packaging, shipping, everything you can ask for!
    Cons - None
    I've been ordering from Cultivated Reef for several years. They are literally one of the best in the business to purchase livestock from. Excellent, healthy livestock, packaging and shipping are top notch and you can't beat their customer service. Holly went above and beyond to help me find exactly what I wanted. The corals I chose look amazing in my tank!
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  7. JasReef
    "Chunky Frags and Great Customer Service"
    Pros - The frags were all nice and chunky.
    Cons - Nothing
    I took advantage of the buy 149.00 and get 3 free frags. Also got a 15 off tier discount! Loved all the frags and the 3 extra were an awesome bonus!

    They shipped fed ex and I had it by 10am the next morning in Texas.

    I highly recommend this seller and I will order from them again in the future.
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  8. 915MANG
    "Awesome Customer Service LOTS OF CANDY!!"
    Pros - Very cool people, offer great corals at A+ Prices.
    Cons - NONE
    Ive ordered several times. Really like the selection, Will order even more in the future! Search the videos on Youtube. :)
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  9. Alvin Alejandro
    "Excellent costumer service!!"
    So I've been looking for some designer clowns and I found this website. I was iffy about ordering through since there was such little info about them online but I decided to take a chance and I'm glad I did. I hadn't received a shipping tracking number so I contacted them and they got back to me super fast and solved the issue. Even after receiving my shipment the next day they sent me a message following up with the order to make sure everything went well. Best costumer service I've ever had!! Don't hesitate to order from them you will not regret it.
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  10. RJT
    "Great customer service and everything else"
    Pros - Corals you don't see at other vendors
    Great prices
    Great supplier of corals and dry goods
    Very responsive to emails
    Cons - None
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  11. Josh King
    "Cultivated Reef online order"
    Pros - Generous Frags, Healthy specimens, Excellent selection, and a Freebie
    Cons - None
    I ordered from Cultivated Reef last week for shipment 3/7/16. The frags came right on time from Fedex at 11:55AM on 3/8/16. The box was shipped professionally with a heat packed styrofoam cooler completely sealed. The frags were double bagged in heat sealed packets which I had never seen before. Many frags were generously sized bordering on colony sized pieces. Everything arrived healthy and colored.
    I will definitely be ordering from them again. Thank you!
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  12. Modost
    "Great place"
    Pros - Outstanding customer service, great selection of corals at reasonable prices
    Cons - I never have enough money to get everything I want
    Cultivated Reef has always been my favorite place to get my corals. It's always a pleasure making an appointment to go up and visit Greg. Even tho I always leave his place broke I'm always happy with the healthy corals he provides. His shipping is top notch as well so don't worry about ordering from his website it's worth checking out especially for his monthly specials. :)

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