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  1. IslandLifeReef
    "Just Don't"
    Cons - Disrespectful
    Very unprofessional when responding to honest criticism. Canceled orders from a live sale for those who said he should have followed the rules he published. If you want to see vulgarity, check out his responses on their Facebook page.
  2. Sk8erSpanky
    Pros - The live sale discount
    Cons - The owner disrespects his customers.
    There was a mixup during the live sale which caused it to go from 12hrs long down to about 2hrs. This wasnt a huge deal. However the part the ruined me from ever doing business with fraghouse again was the way the owner (brandon) treats his past, current and potential customers. A business is only as trustworthy and respected as the owner. Please take a look at his facebook and the live sale thread here on reef2reef. Pay no attention to the people complaining anout fraghouse on the thread, check out how he treats people. Its not to bad on this thread, so if you want to see some spice, go head over to his facebook and check out the reviews there! Im very surprised reef2reef allows this business to be a sponsor.
  3. Black Pearl
    "Some of the BEST coral"
    Pros - Cut to order,well healed, Great service
    Cons - NADA
    Tried out FHC during the Christmas sale, Very nice coral frags, excellent service, will be revisiting them again in the future
  4. franklypre
    "Buy with confidence"
    Pros - Nicest selection and healthiest sticks I've seen
    If you're looking for pest free amazingly colored SPS this is the place to buy from. Packing is 1st class and customer service is ideal. So many classics and plenty of fresh new pieces!

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