Gonzo's Coral Frags

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  • Live Coral
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  • Online Web Store
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Psiber_Syn
    "Excellent seller"
    Pros - Everything you want in a online seller
    Cons - None
    Love the live sales gonzo puts on very fair pricing and great pieces and labeling of each frag top notch seller
  2. mccoc033
    "Amazing Dealer"
    Pros - Value
    Cons - None
    Ordered a BTA a long time ago, and he actually sent me a frag of favia as a bonus.
  3. Tom Blevins
    Pros - large frags just as described
    Cons - none
    I received a pack from Josh and these are not frags but mini colonies compared to most I have received in the past and encrusted,packed very well and not a critter to be found, Nice Job!

  4. mcatlett
    "Great Corals"
    Pros - Great items, always get what is pcitured
    Cons - none
    A great selection of corals at great prices. One of my primary coral vendors.

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