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  • Live Coral
  • Live Fish
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  • Dry Goods
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  • Online Web Store
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7210 Gary Rd. Unit E
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  1. AmatuerAuer
    "Personal touch and very knowledgable"
    Pros - Very personal touch from the staff, they asked a lot of questions about what I like/dislike as well as what I am trying to 'go for' in my tank.

    They were able to special order a few items for me that they didn't have on hand. Better prices than too
    Cons - The shop can be difficult to find and I would love to see a wider variety on display but a the time they were upgrading the tanks so I think it is much bigger now.
    I have gone to IC a few times and they have always come through. They aren't the closest to my location but I am on the opposite side of the city, I will still go there over the LFS. I appreciate the service quality and diversity of their livestock.
  2. adestafi
    "Home town feel"
    Pros - friendly, will always help you- even when they do NOT know you..great sales
    Cons - smaller selection/small storefront (gets crowded easily), very limited selection of supplies (no pumps, etc)
    these guys are awesome. theyve won my business hands down. not only are they extremely friendly and helpful-- but they dont discriminate on the basis of HOW BIG your tank (wallet) is and what type of set up you're using. every single fish ive purchased from them is still alive-- never brought one home w/ ich, their corals are doing VERY well in my tank.
  3. Retro Reefer
    "Great Store!"
    Pros - Well stocked coral selection, Great prices and friendly staff..
    Stopped by last Friday looking for live rock, I have purchased lots of rock and it's always the same old story, Order on line you get what they send.. Go to your local LFS and the rock has been well picked over.. I even went to the airport with a LFS owner years ago to pick up a shipment and though I came away with some nice rock the LFS owner picked out the best of the batch for himself.. This was my first visit to Incredible Corals, I was warmly welcomed by the owner who was very busy working on custom tanks that he builds and helping other customers, he told me that he had just recived a pallet of premium rock for a special project and that I could open the box's and pick out whatever I wanted, He set up a scale and said have fun I was like a kid at Xmas peeling back the paper on each piece revealing some of the most beautiful rock I have ever seen! I'm still dumbfounded he would give someone he has never meet before and a first time customer first dibs at this rock.. Thanks Adam!
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