Jason Fox Signature Corals

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  • Live Coral
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  1. Zazzy
    "Good frags, ok person"
    Pros - Great corals
    Cons - Jason is not always the most friendly guy especially if you have questions
  2. DeepBrew
    "Very Pleased"
    Pros - Fantastic Corals
    Everything As Promised
    Fast Service
    Cons - None
    I bought some frags from the JF 5th Anniversary Live Sale. The sale itself was well organized and a lot of fun. The corals arrived on time and in great health, which was even more fun!

    Will definitely purchase from JF again.
  3. lazidog
    "Jason Fox"
    Pros - Stuff you cannot find anywhere else
    Cons - Pricey but you get what you pay for, not overpriced when comparing easier to find corals to other vendors, Jason is a great guy and stands behind his products
  4. Dr.Me
    "It's speak for it self.. CrazZzy Stuff!!!.."
    Pros - Top... Product and Exclusives
  5. Morgrowsigntuarecoral
    "Best frags on the market"
    Pros - great product
    Each paly frag I bought was said to have 1 or 2 polps 3 frags had 5+ and the *** monkeys have 20-30 polps
  6. jsker
    "Got One in my Tank"
    Jason Fox Signature Corals are just what the company offers. Different and unique corals. Before the big rage to name corals Jason was probably one of the first to start.

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