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  1. Wlmaus
    "Awesome corals at fantastic prices!!"
    Pros - Quick service. Quality corals
    Cons - None
    Found out about the store through the flash sale. Picked up several pieces at a fantastic price. Delivery was on time and everything was in perfect condition.
  2. trill22
    "Fantastic coral sales"
    I've bought from Joe in person and at his live sales, and always had a great experience. Corals look like they do in his pictures, no photoshopping! Everything is well packaged, store is beautiful, and Joe is a super nice guy who knows a LOT about corals and reef aquariums
  3. StevenW
    "Awesome store"
    Pros - Great prices
    Very knowledgeable
    Cons - None
    I have the good fortune to live near joe's shop, so i have dealt with him in person...not online.
    I am new to the hobby and he has helped me every step of the way.
    I usually call him several times a week with questions and he always takes time to give me advice. His prices cannot be beat. I highly recommend you do business with him. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  4. TimStout
    "Awesome LRS and a Great Guy!"
    You can't beat having JKR as your local reef store.
  5. TangingOut
    "First ever online coral order"
    Pros - Healthy, beautiful corals as pictured. Good prices.
    Cons - None
    This was my first time taking part in a live sale and also the first time I've had corals shipped. Joe ran an awesome and extremely fun live sale with a great variety of corals at good prices. Corals came packed very well and were exactly as pictured.
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  6. bsagea
    "Awsome Corals!"
    One of the nicest people you could ever want to deal with in this hobby. Always a great selection of well priced beautiful corals. Shipping and packaging is top notch as well!
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  7. Legendary Corals
  8. Alian
    "Awesome corals"
    Pros - Awesome corals for great prices. Great customer service.
    Great customer service, timEly delivery, always live on arrival, wicked corals for great prices.
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  9. Tyreef2016
    "Rap NY jawbreaker"
    Pros - Beautiful coral, great feedback and help
    Cons - Nada
    picked up a jawbreaker from them at RAP NY. Solid price and the coral has grown tremendously since I got it. Almost doubled in size. Contacted him for a picture of the mother and he got back to me same day. 5
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  10. Tom Blevins
    Pros - Always very helpful and nice corals to boot.
    Cons - None
    I have always had great luck with the quality sticks Joey
    has provided over the last couple years and just great
    customer service all round, don't hesitate to buy from Joey!

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  11. caudill187
    "Great guy. Better corals"
    Pros - Healthy, hard to find corals at more than fair prices
    Cons - None
    Over the years that I've dealt with Joe, he has proven himself to be a real asset in the reef aquarium Hobby. He goes out of his way 2 procure the rarest and most healthy specimens. Have gotten many things from him that I could not have gotten anywhere else. If you're looking for hard to find and collectible stuff - shoot Joe a pm.
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  12. SDangerfield
    "Awesome guy and Awesome corals"
    Joe is very knowledgeable and always willing to take the time to answer my questions, which can be a lot at times. JKR is one of the best vendors around. He always has some of the hottest corals I have seen, shop with confidence.
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  13. uchin
    "Always great!!"
    Pros - Joe has the latest and greatest corals! Thank again buddy!
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  14. bumpkin
    Pros - Always fair and reasonable. The store is super clean.
    Love going there. The atmosphere is great and livestock even better. He is a very knowledgeable guy that is eager to help. Watched him pack boxes for shipping and its top notch. Almost gave me a stiff neck looking at all the detail put into it.
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  15. Salsa777
    "Great Resource for all levels of reef aquarist"
    Pros - He is knowledgeable and very fair.
    He cares about quality of the product, and not just making a sale.
    Incredible stock
    I have been going to JKR's since I first decided to get back into reefing, in January. He has helped me every step of the way. He has taken the time to price out equipment for me, and give me advice on what methods he has used and which he believes work well. I can honestly say my system is heavily influenced by his advice. I have taken many trips to JKR's over the last six months, and I have spent many hours gazing at all the rare and exotic corals he has on stock, it is kind of like a reefers dream getting to see bounce mushrooms, jaw breakers, softball size acro colonies of all sorts, and zoas/palys that are on people's most wanted list. Also, Joe is easy to talk to, and nice to do business with.

    Today I bought two SPS frags, a pink lemonade, and a AOA Banshee, and clown pair from him. both frags are beautiful, and the fish were healthy and happy. :D

    Keep up the good work man, I'm excited for the live sale! ;)
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  16. ReeferMaddness843
    "Never left empty handed"
    Pros - Great selection
    Always something new
    Amazing customer service
    Beautiful healthy coral and fish
    Very competitive pricing
    Cons - None!
    Joey is an awesome person to shop with. He always offers expert advice from knowledge and experience. I have never left his shop empty handed or in doubt of my purchase. Pricing is very competitive and worth every penny. Shop is always clean and full of healthy livestock. Makes you feel like home when there. Thanks for all you do and look forward to growing to my dream tank in time.
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  17. JasReef
    "Great Customer Service and Corals"
    Pros - Fast shipping and excellent frags.
    I had a problem with one and he shipped me out a replacement with no problems. He went above and beyond to provide topnotch customer service! Even provided an two extra!
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  18. lazidog
    "Joe Really Does Know Reefs"
    Pros - Top notch healthy coral
    Cons - I need more money to buy more corals
    You cannot go wrong with Joey and Joe Knows Reefs
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  19. duke4130
    "Dream acro pack"
    Pros - Everything about the transaction and healthy corals
    Cons - Nothing!
    I have to give a shout out to my boy Joey Nichols from Joe Knows Reefs!!! He never ceases to amaze me..He just sent me my dream pack of acros... Excellent communication, great packaging and best of all everything had full polyp extension in the bags... That is always the best thing you can see when you receive an order... Thanks again brotha!!! I am sure we will be talking soon....
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  20. marc bergmueller
    "Quality Stuff Here"
    Pros - Fair Prices, always healthy stuff.
    I get most of my stock from Joey. He is easy to work with, has great corals and works within my budget. After being taken by some well known West Coast Wholesalers, I've placed my trust in Joey and am never disappointed.
    Marc Bergmueller
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  21. joshkirkland83
    "Superb vendor"
    Very clean store, excellent customer service, healthy livestock, and excellent packing. Looking foward to doing lots of buisness in the future.
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  22. Ghidellas
    "The Best Place For Corals!"
    Super clean and healthy store. Everything I have got from Joe has been nothing but healthy and colorful. Extremely knowledgable as well. Highly recommend!!
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  23. kacrocorals581
    "great seller! always the best corals"
    Pros - always healthy colorful corals
    I've got many corals from joey over the years. they have always been super healthy colorful and always a joy to deal with.
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