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  1. ReefWeeds
    "Reef Frenzy: I won’t use any other frozen"
    Pros - Clean, fish love it - even the difficult ones, the random particle size is great
    my reef loves this food! From my copperband to my longhorn cowfish, all inhabitants go crazy. I also love how clean this food is. I don’t feel like there is a lot of waste and I don’t pre-rinse the food.

    You can’t go wrong with this food.
  2. jkimballer29g
    "Great food"
    Pros - It's human grade food they put into this stuff. Meaning we could eat it.
    Cons - Fish may love it more than we do!
    I just watched a video on there 5th year celebration give away! What a company' check out the video people!
  3. sabeypets
    "Fish Go crazy for it!"
    Pros - All my fish love it!!
    Fish and corals love it!
  4. oceanparadise1
    "Best Food we have ever used"
  5. tcermd
    Pros - My fish go nuts over this and whatever flows by my anemones, it gets grabbed.
    Cons - cost
  6. ducklady
    "I love it"
    Pros - My fish and corals seem to love this food.
    Always have it on hand my picky eaters love it.
  7. LiquidLenny
    "The best food out there for finicky eaters"
    Pros - When you acquire a new fish that won't eat or have a fish that is finicky...this is by far the go to food to have your fish start eating and keep eating.
    It has the perfect name because it makes fish go into a FRENZY every time.
    Cons - It took me too long to find this product.. only seems to be available at high end LFS's
    ...the way the fish consume this food when I feed them in front of a guest, makes me look like I have been starving
    -Read my pro's and con's
    I use this fantastic fish food formula for all my reef tank inhabitants
    Fish of all types gobble this up
    Chances of losing a fish to starvation is a thing of the past
    Have you ever seen a copepod take down a Mantis shrimp over a piece of food? Feed your tank LRS Reef Frenzy and watch those appetites go! *no fish or invertebrates were injured during any actual feedings*

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