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  1. Parrottbay
    "Christmas ruined"
    Pros - Great price
    Quick shipping
    Quick replies
    Cons - 14 day guarantee is a joke
    Customer service was unprofessional
    Ordered a large tang, recieved small without an email requesting if that was ok.

    Fish arrived alive but bloated and fin was bruised. Fish died on day 14 but was told that " warranty is that it make it to day 14." Oh well that it died on that day. Girlfriend and I were so upset that he died that we didn't even eat dinner.

    I believe I went above to prove no damage happened to fish and it was the fish sent by taking a pic on the shipping paper.
    No sort of reimbursement was offered.

    Willing to discuss matter or change review and will keep this up to date.
  2. Retro Reefer
    "First & last order!"
    Pros - 2 of 6 fish seem healthy
    Cons - 4 of 6 fish have issues
    received Chromis with what appears to be Uronema and Talbots with fin rot and other issues.. my emails have been ignored
  3. Jimr7
    "Great online vendor"
    Pros - Gets rare fish and anemones. Great prices. Fast shipping.
    Mike is great. I collect carpet anemones. He probably gets the most I've seen and his prices are the best. His prices on his fish are at least 1/3 to 1/2 less from my LFS.
  4. TUSI
    Great selection, prices and great owner to deal with
  5. Lionfish Lair
    "Great Experience"
    Pros - Received a beautiful rare fish.
    Cons - None with this transaction.
    The lionfish they got in was rare and there was no way I could pass it up. I was a little nervous about having such a fish shipped from New York to California. That's a long way for even the toughest fish. They arrived in perfect condition. That says a lot for the packing.

  6. tweeter
    "Great fish"
    Pros - Nery nice guy, knowledgeable, and helpful.
    Cons - none
    I got a Regal Angel from him. She was eating when I got her, just as he said she was. Very healthy beautiful fish at a great price. Fast shipping. Great service!

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