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  1. nstuber3956
    "Omega Coral "There's an App for that" Giveaway"
    Pros - Everything!
    Cons - What cons?
    This coral is amazing. Not only is their customer service top notch but I am blown away at the size and beauty of this coral. Honestly this is a coral I would expect to spend a lot of money on and they gave it away. Don't think that this good review is just because I got a free coral. They go above and beyond what I've gotten from anybody else I've ordered from. The communication was superb and they even sent pictures of the package with the label before it was sent. The coral was bagged in numerous bags to prevent leaking and arrived in excellent condition. These guys are great and everybody should buy from them. Definitely Top Notch.
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  2. Mike_J
    "Stellar Vendor!"
    Pros - Ridiculously amazing selection of coral and insane shrooms! Top notch customer service. Worth saying again! TOP NOTCH CUSTOMER SERVICE. It really doesn't get any better, folks!
    Cons - Pfft!
    Very rarely am I so impressed that I feel compelled to give feedback or write a review. What sets a vendor apart from the rest is the quality of customer care & the level of service. A lot of my dealings in this hobby have been good, but my experience with Omega Coral was outstanding. I recently made a purchase of a one-of-a-kind piece of coral & was blown away by the communication at every step of the transaction. The packaging of the coral was fantastic & handled with great care & I even received a few freebies! Never before has a vendor reached out to make sure the coral were in good condition after delivery. Wait, what?! Yeah, unheard of! :p Without a doubt, one of the best experiences I've had over the years in this hobby & I look forward to doing business again with them. If you are considering this vendor, do not hesitate & buy with confidence! Thanks again to @Aiden Parker & @Omega Coral for a stellar experience! ;)
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  3. Joseph Honaker
    Cons - None
    THIS PLACE ROCKS!!Most places don't care enough.The team at Omega Coral do & are amazing hands down.I was so impressed with the 1st shipment I immediately placed another the next day!I bet the water temp was within a few degrees of 78/79 on every shipment!! I don't think people realize that temp during shipping is very hard on corals.So many are lost due to this.I live in WI and it's COLD here!I just got a coral an hr ago,it's 10° outside,the temp was still perfect!They ship corals so well that I don't want to remove them from the box! Then I remember whats in it!The corals they sell are the healthiest,most beautiful and larger corals I've ever seen!If you want to buy a coral,a real coral that will exceed your expectations,at a reasonable price...these are the only ppl that you want to do business with! I'll never spend a dime elsewhere.Thank you to AIDEN (this guy knows what's up!A+)and all you there at OMEGA CORAL!keep doing what your doing!
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  4. Broadfield
    "Amazing Coral Vendor"
    Pros - Great coral selection at a nice price, great customer service, flexible on shipping days
    Cons - None
    Just wanted to give @Omega Coral a shout out. I ended up winning one of their chalice give aways... which in itself is amazing that they offer giveaways. However, it wasn't just some frag or mini-colony... it was a full blown 5" specimen.

    To show my appreciation, I wanted to purchase at least one more coral from them to help out a site vendor. They made me such a good package deal, that I ended up buying a few lol. But the best thing about it was how large all of the corals were. It was honestly the first time that I have ever received corals and they were all larger than what I was expecting. Truly amazing company and very fun to deal with. It's how buying anything should be!

    Thanks again,


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