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  1. Paul M
    "Buyer Beware!"
    Pros - none
    They sent me an item that did not work and then overcharged me to return it.
  2. tablesalt
    Pros - Said they had aquarium in stock, shipped quickly.
    Cons - When they say they will expedite you a replacement if it shows up broken, what they mean is they will have the warranty on the item take care of it... taking some serious time.
    Took over a month to get a working tank in.
    My tank showed up quickly (less than a week) but showed up broken.
    After almost 2 weeks of working with them and getting the runaround (it's not us, it's our distributor, my guy's out sick, it's not our fault) I gave in and called Red Sea directly who hadn't even gotten all the information they needed from I am now working directly through Red Sea (still haven't gotten a new tank) but has been no help in this process.
    As an update it took more than 30 days to get a working tank through them. They did not assist in getting a replacement and only threatening to work through my credit card company to get a refund did anything after 4 weeks of working with them. They don't actually carry many of the products they sell, but work through 3rd parties.
  3. JLV8222
    "Great company and staff"
    Pros - Quick Shipping
    Quality products
    Fast response
    Cons - None
    I have a great experience, shipping was fast and well package.
    Greg also response to any questions super fast.

    Keep the great work!
  4. Pruett-nc
    "Awesome prices and shipping"
    Pros - Good prices and shipping . Also the awards program helps when buying alot of things and saves you on your next order .
    Cons - Not one complaint .
  5. Elmer
    "Jecod pump"
  6. JaaenKhan
    "Amazing line of products and service"
    Amazing line of products and service!
  7. joekool
    "Awesome customer service"
    Pros - Awesome customer service
    5% cash back hello this is good
    Free shipping no minimum
    Price matching
    Quality packaging of shipped products.
    They actually appreciate your business.
    Cons - Ah nope there isn't any.
    The pros and cons above say it all. I have already bought many items from them and couldn't be happier especially with 5% cash back. I believe that this company will just get better and better as time goes on.

    Just keep doing it the right way as you have been
  8. SaltwaterAq
    Pros - Free Shipping on All Orders
    5% Cash Back
    Free Returns
    Price Matching
    Free 2 Day Shipping on Larger Orders

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