The Aquatic Critter

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  • Live Coral
  • Live Fish
  • Equipment
  • Dry Goods
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  • Physical Brick & Mortar Store
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5009 Nolensville Rd.
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Recent User Reviews

  1. netdawg
    "Solid Selections of Both Coral and Fish"
    Pros - Store is spread out and lots of selections both salt & fresh. Unique stuff on both side as well. Team is very willing to chat when time permits and knowledgeable too
    Cons - I don't live in Nashville
    When I travel for business I hit LFS to see what each city has.

    I go to Nashville often and easily this would be my home LFS if I lived here. Cool stuff from the common to the unique, priced about right, and the staff is super approachable. Decent supply store, just a little hard to tell for me where things would be unless I asked for them specifically.

    I normally rate my LFS as "Really Like, It's OK, and NWiH (No Way in Hell) " and AC is definitely in the Really Like. I've been to probably 3-4 dozen stores across the country and Aquatic Critter would rank high; prob around 6 or 7, specifically for their selection and quality, which includes the FLA and SoCal locations I've hit.
  2. oscar ortiz
    Pros - Huge selection of everything, have tons of equipment, supplements, fish and corals to choose from and everything is run fine and smooth
    Cons - Lots of people that come in the store during certain hours so its hard to get alot of information from the workers
    Amazing fish store, a little pricey but that's just how they have to be, but other than that they litterally have almost everything would recommend

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