The Coral Kings

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Services Offered:
  • Live Coral
Type of Store:
  • Online Web Store
  • Physical Brick & Mortar Store
Street Adress:
2199 E Henrietta Rd.
New York
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Recent User Reviews

  1. CarolinaReefs
    "TCK Frag Pack"
    Pros - Great Communication.
    Excellent Packaging.
    Awesome Frags.
    Cons - None.
  2. frogman_reefer
    "Dans the Man!"
    Pros - Great customer service, great packaging, nice selection, killer packages and a can do attitude
    Cons - None to date
    I really can't say anything negative about TKC. Service is always great, corals are hot, packaging and shipping is always on point.

    He puts great packages together and always leaves little freebies for an order. Can't say enough good!!!
  3. Diesel
    Pros - Awesome rare corals for always a great price
    I had several orders from TCK and I'm impressed with their coral quality.

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