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  1. Tim Nemeth
    "Great Corals Fantastic Service"
    I have had my tank for about 9 months now and most of my corals have come from Ultimate Corals. Each is thriving and doing great and was the right choice at the right time. Ultimate Corals made great suggestions and did not try to over sell me just to get an extra coral out the door.
  2. Mark Shelly
    "Ultimate corals helped me out."
    Pros - In New Jersey,
    While Ultimate Corals is geared more for online sales, Mark allowed me to come over and selects corals as I lived nearby. I preferred this way for my initial coral purchases to reduce stress on corals (and shipping costs) and get a feel for what they really looked like, size wise. I wasn't expecting a lot of success with these first corals, so I wanted to start small and felt like I might be wasting his time. Plus I liked the ideal of supporting a local business. Mark at Ultimate corals asked questions about my tank, made suggestions for corals to avoid, answered questions and gave suggestions about fish and coralline algae (some of which I might later regret not following). He let me observe his display corals and tank setups. Being new to a saltwater reef tank, these things were worth as much to me as the corals. He helped me find the starter corals. To top it off, he gave me an extra coral, which currently is my favorite because my fire shrimp likes to raid my feeding attempts.
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  3. jguinn
    Pros - Excellent customer care
    Healthy livestock
    Gorgeous corals
    Extremely competitive prices
    Fast shipping
    Have ordered corals on several occasions and have consistently been pleasantly surprised to see the shipments arrive. Always better than expected. Very healthy. Packaging done right. Very fast shipping. Great communication via e-mail - exceptionally helpful. Highly recommended.
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