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  • Live Coral
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  • Online Web Store
  • Physical Brick & Mortar Store
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1699 Shawsheen St.
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  1. 40B Knasty
    "THE BEST!"
    Pros - 100% honest!
    Cons - There are not any other places like this that have the care.
    From the first day I walked in over a year ago. Till just this past Sunday. Nothing but care and great honest advice!
    Great healthy fish and corals to choose from or order. If there is ever an issue. They are more than happy to help. I have never had one with Unique Aquaria and that is the best part. Anytime I have gone to a LFS aside of Unique Aquaria. I have had headache after headache and that is the last thing anyone wants. I have been to every LFS in New England. A few in PA and OH. I can not in good conscience give any other store a 4 star rating. The bar is set here at 5 stars.
    They do not run a low salinity to mask what is hiding when you are buying a fish. Always 1.025-1.026 75F. It is plug and play. 15m acclimation.
    Thanks B & Cliff for your help always!
  2. SpikeWire
    "Fantastic company"
    Pros - Honest, Incredibly knowledgable with 20+ years of industry and hobby experience. Always there for help and support.
    Cons - Honest - sometimes to their detriment.
    After all my years in the hobby I continue to be a loyal customer to Unique Aqaria. This is a backhanded compliment of sorts but they will always give you their best advice at the sacrifice of revenue. They will give you their honest opinion which is not always the one people want to hear. I've actually been told they would not sell me something based on them knowing my tank and what is the best environment for livestock.

    They will not make a sale just to make money. They truly care about you as a customer, your needs, and the care of all the livestock and products they sell. Some people might find this off putting in the short term but at the end of the day It makes for longtime loyal customers.

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