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Recent User Reviews

  1. Brad Miller
    "1st time live sale with Unique Coral"
    Pros - Sale was handled very well, fast shipping, organized and very professional on the phone also.
    Cons - None at all
    I've bought coral from other vendors but never a live sale .
    I'm so glad I decided to do this one with Unique Coral.
    The prices and communication after the sale were awesome.
    Received 12 corals and was VERY pleased with the condition, color, and fast recovery after dipping and putting in my quarantine tank.
  2. Devin McBride
    "Quick Shipping and Healthy Acros"
    Pros - Excellent customer service, constant email updates, great packaging, healthy corals!
  3. Angryminer_07
    "Great job with the live sale"
    Pros - Great service! Excellent live sale. All pieces came in great condition and as expected.
    Cons - None
    Thanks for such a great sale. Grabbed a bunch of great pieces to start my reef and had a blast. I wanted to reach out and thank you and your office staff for combining the shipping from my order from the day before the sale with my live sell pieces! Also thanks for your responsiveness to my questions during the sale! You guys are a class act! I'll be buying from you again!

    All of my pieces showed up in great condition and looked just like the pictures!
  4. Squared
    "Good communication, beautiful coral"
    Pros - Coral I received were packaged well and were very healthy.
    They were willing to work with me when I ended up only adding one item to my cart during the live sale. Ended up with some nice stuff at pretty good prices. I would definitely recommend this vendor.
  5. FLSharkvictim
    "Excellent Company to do business with -"
    Pros - Big selection of coral / Prices are great
    Cons - None
    They are one my top suppliers for my coral! It's a great company to work with and they have Superb customer service and very good about getting back to you if you have a question unlike some of there competitors.
  6. jdogclif
    "My coral shop"
    Pros - Great customer service, healthy specimens
    Cons - None
    I had purchased from a couple other sites with fine results, but when I saw UC's selection I had to give them a try. My first batch was great, super healthy specimens and exactly what I expected. One coral arrived bleached and they gave me a credit right away. My second batch got messed up by the shipping company; they lost the package for a couple days. UC customer service was great yet again! They responded quickly and gave me another credit even though it wasn't their fault. Unique Corals is my coral shop!
  7. MBX5
    "Just what I ordered"
    Pros - No color correction on photos, great price and size
    I have ordered with UC a few times and always had a good experience. My last order was during the live sale and all corals came just as they showed in the photos. A++ would use again for sure!
  8. Noahs Home Zoo
    "Amazing Corals Better then The Picture!"
    Pros - Vibrant corals that match up with exactly what they show.
    Healthy when they got here and have acclimated perfectly!
    Excellent packaging and showed up with very good temps!
    I had the opportunity to participate in their live Auction. The corals were amazing and there were SO many to pick from. The amount of people on the site buying their corals during the Auction is a testament to peoples level of expectation from them! Will be looking forward to the getting some more on the next Auction!
  9. Duane Clark
    "Excellent corals"
    Pros - Price, quality, size of frags
    Cons - none
    I participated in a recent coral sale. Without a doubt the coral frags quality and size were incredible. I cant get frags this large locally much less over the Internet. corals opened up same day a well. very pleased
  10. Cameron Wise
    "Amazing service and beautiful selection of corals"
    Pros - Best corals by far
    Amazing service
    Quality product
    Wide range of inexpensive coral!
    Cons - None!
    oh how I love unique corals! It’s such a nice website to buy corals from! I was thinking about buying some in January but saw the live sale! I was so exited and got three beautiful pieces at amazing prices! Thank you!
  11. coil1002
    "Great customer service"
    Pros - Great corals,fair prices,lowest shipping around, full size colonies for sale. Did I mention great customer service
    Cons - Not enough in my bank account
    I have ordered a few times from Unique corals. Every time things where well packed. The one order I did have an issue. They where fast and responsive. Fixed it in under an hour. I plan to buy all my colonies from here. The ones I got are super happy and doing great.
  12. Chac317
    "Top Notch Vendor"
    Pros - Customer service
    Livestock health
    Turnaround time
    Cons - My budget
    I ordered a frag pack from R2R and they were able to swap some of the corals out easily to avoid duplicates for my collection. They were great to work with and I was very pleased with the quality of the livestock. This wasn’t my first order with UC and it definitely won’t be the last. Thanks again guys!
  13. oldpaddy
    "Best stick I've received online so far"
    Pros - Great packaging job, corals looked awesome! Not half dead like most places I have ordered from.
    Cons - Non so far.
    These guys are good.
  14. RussiReef
    "Great Corals and Best Support"
    Pros - Great Selection of corals and the Best support from the staff
    Cons - None
    Have been buying corals from Unique for over 2 years and the quality is always excellent. Great selection of corals for the beginners to high-end. The staff are always helpful with questions and do not hesitate to spend time and provide details on purchase.
  15. siggy
    "Benchmark Online Supplier and Best website to shop"
    Pros - Good People and Great Products
    Cons - not open on sunday ?
    I found Unique Corals online by searching JUST COLONIES ! after
    seeing a 100 coral sites that only do frags.
    Stocking a new 75 gallon tank I have purchased corals several times
    and have always been pleased. 1 of the boxes was treated poorly on its travels and unique took care of it no problems.
    What really impressed me was when I had a question about a coral
    I was greeted by Joe who took over 20 minutes with me about the corals and my system and informed and helped me with my selection.
    It was not about the sale but about the selection I should be making.
  16. wkscott
    Pros - 1. Great corals
    2. Great pricing
    3. Very resonable shipping charges
    Cons - None
    I have had about 5 orders over the last year. Eah was well packed and promptly shipped. Normally I select WYSIWYG and the items are always spot on. The "stock" items have always been better than the representative pictures.
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  17. Jason Yates
    "Love Unique Corals great selection and fair prices"
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  18. JLV8222
    Pros - Quality corals and fish.
    Good shipping rates.
    Attention to detail.
    Cons - None
    I did my first order recently I order a Hammer Coral Collector's Pack- 3
    , one anemone and a Blenny.
    Everything was careful package and I can feel the attention to detail when my order was process.
    Everything is doing great and I'm happy with my first purchase.
    I will do future order for sure.

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  19. uniquecorals
    "Love it!"
    Robust livestock guarantee, wonderful selection, healthy stock, low shipping, and great customer service. O and the WYWIWYG is actually extremely on point.
  20. tonto95
    "Nice sales"
    Pros - Great selection on sale items.
    I liked the different sale items available.
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  21. jeannette k
    "Love there corals"
    Best corals that I ever have received from online ordering. Will be ordering from there from now on :D:)
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  22. Jamesholt
    "Best place to order from"
    Pros - Easy to work with, fair shipping prices
    Cons - None
    i have placed several orders through Unique Corals, the have always arrived in perfect condition..
    I love the shipping, I don't have to buy but what I want at the time..
    Just wish more places would follow their example on shipping cost..
    Keep up the good work!!!!!!
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  23. Servillius
    "The Place to Buy Stuff!"
    Pros - Helpful, courteous and knowledgable.
    Cons - I ran out of money?
    This is my favorite online livestock retailer. Everything I get from them thrives. Their pricing and shipping model makes it a bit easier to place smaller orders with them (so I can feed the addiction continuously instead of giving myself a heart attack snorting up too much coral in a sin... err... you know. So I can buy more corals.)

    Their pics are dead on honest and they're always considerate of your needs. As a bonus, they sell some of the coolest high tech toys in the industry. I see an article on some revolutionary new piece of equipment, the first place I look for it is Unique.

    You really can't go wrong with these guys.
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  24. Dave3112
    "Always superb!"
    Pros - Quality livestock, Excellent packaging and CHEAP overnight shipping!
    Cons - Zero, Zilch, Nada
    I have ordered from Unique several times and I am always pleased with every aspect of the process. The website is great and all the corals are photographed to look exactly like they will in your tank. Not a bit of oversaturation like some places.;);) Ordering and payment are quick and easy. Communication is some of the best in the industry, Donna, you are awesome!! The package arrives undamaged (thank you FedEx!) and beautifully packed. The water in the bags is a nice and warm 73 degrees and polyps are open, in the bag, for 3 out of 4 of the acros!! All of which are now residing in my display waiting to become the colonies they knew that they could be! Do yourself a favor, place an order from Unique today!! You won't be sorry!
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  25. Reeferside
    "Scott and Unique are awesome"
    Pros - Very friendly! Super fast communication | Amazing shipping | Healthy corals
    Ordered a couple times from Unique. Have not found one thing to be mad about.

    I usually go on to review ONLY if its bad. It has to be exceptionally good for me to go back and write a good review.. Hint hint.

    Scott personally called me once to correct a mistake that could not be foreseen or prevented regarding my order. He ended up ensuring I was satisfied with the changes he would make to compensate me for the issue that arose.

    Great selection, cheap shipping + amazing packaging. Hurry on and get over to Unique corals.
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