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  • Live Coral
  • Live Fish
  • Equipment
  • Dry Goods
  • Maintenance Service
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  • Online Web Store
  • Physical Brick & Mortar Store
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21126 Vanowen St
Canoga Park
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Recent User Reviews

  1. FLSharkvictim
    "TOP Notch coral distributor"
    Pros - Excellent layout on there website / Great service / fast shipping
    Cons - 0
    Vivid Aquariums has a very nice selection of Acros, LPS and soft corals and there price's are good. Another one of my TOP supplier for coral.
  2. locktite
    "My Online "Go-To" for Info and livestock"
    Pros - Excellent quality in livestock
    Cons - None
    Vivid Aquariums has been the primary online vendor that I have relied on for stocking my aquarium and providing countless information re livestock and reefing.
  3. Jenene
    "Amazing Stock!"
    Pros - The best customer service and great videos!!!
    I ordered some stock for my reef tank online for the first time after exhausting my local places. I was really hesitant about not actually seeing the pieces in person. I was thrilled with the order they sent. The pieces were much bigger than I thought they would be and in perfect condition. Great care was taken in the packing as well. Also, I ordered a Black Longspine Urchin not realizing until later it would grow too big for my tank and asked if I could switch it for a Blue Tux. No problem there either. These guys deserve ten stars. So here ya go guys ********** Thank you!
  4. ohiojeffsreef
    "James is great"
    Pros - he has taken care of things that has gone wrong
    Cons - haven't really got any
    I have placed 3 orders, and on the 2nd I lost one. He gave me credit at once. On my next order he even sent me extra. I highly recommend Vivid.
  5. Undertaker
    "LOVE IT!!!!!!"
    Pros - very nice livestock.
    Cons - None
    I ordered six corals from softies to LPS, and two Pajama cardinals. I was very pleased with the size and health of all the livestock I ordered. My only issue which really is an issue was They never called me to schedule shipping. I had to call them. But, I talked with Pablo, and he was awesome. I was asking him about red Monti's because im new to corals, and he said I shouldn't be scared of SPS. Red Monti's are great, and he sent me a nice piece of one. I will defiantly be shopping with vivid in the future.
  6. Tori
    "Probably the best slatwater store in the world."
    Pros - Amazing coral selection.
    Cons - Didn't see any.
    This is by far the best saltwater aquarium store I've ever been to. The staff were extremely knowledgeable, friendly and their selection was amazing. It's easy to see how much care is put into the livestock. It's obvious these guys are true reef hobbyist at heart!
  7. idol
    "Great Price on supplies"
    Pros - Best price per pound on special grade of live reef sand @ 20# Don't know how they sell this reasonable and still make a profit.
    Cons - Not really.
    Best price per pound on special grade of live reef sand @ 20# Don't know how they sell this reasonable and still make a profit. If you need it yesterday the free shipping is slow, but from California to Connecticut how could I complain. I will be buying a lot more from Vivid Aquariums.
  8. Torqueroll
    Pros - Quick after Call
    Cons - Uhhh
    I was returning from a trip and ordered a batch of shrooms to meet me. They called me back to confirm everything as they were packing. Even made some suggestions and replacements after realizing what I was looking for and swapped out a few for ones that would work.

    Just finished acclimating my order and very pleased. Place is great, will work with them again.
  9. kireek
    "High Quality,nice livestock."
    Pros - Nice selection of corals for every budget.
    Cons - Some corals offered are cut to order and require a waiting period.
    I placed a order with this company last year and I would highly recommend them.The corals received were the size specified,healthy and healed out.Packaging was well done and my purchases arrived warm.Vivid offers free shipping on orders over $225 and they ship overnight.The customer service was good and timely as well.I was contacted a representive prior shipping to verify the perfect arrival date.
  10. ReefingWhiteford
    "Healthy Fish and Inverts"
    Pros - Very healthy fish and coral and great 15 day guarantee
    Cons - Slow order processing
    I received a very healthy plump Yellow tang with astonishing colors. I also ordered a green bubble anemone and I received an even prettier speckled green bubble anemone!

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