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Recent User Reviews

  1. A_Taylor58
    "Top rate customer service!"
    Ordered my first sps pieces during the president's day sale. Lost some of them and WWCs has been a pleasure to work with in replacing them and in guiding me towards a successful beginning to my sps endeavors.

    Wouldn't hesitate buying from them again and recommend them to all!
  2. Adele
    "Great corals!"
    First time working with this company and nothing but high praise.
    They were patient and helpful as I worked my way through my first Live Sale and had a blast.
    Then when I wanted to change my shipping they acknowledged my email promptly and got it all arranged for a seamless transaction.
    On top of that the corals I got were extremely well packaged, healthy and everyone made it to QT with no fatalities.
  3. Ferrell
    "Awesome Company"
    Excellent company, fast shipping, top shelf customer service
  4. GEP0934
    Place is Amazing, I did want to leave
  5. ReefWeeds
    "Great service and even better coral!"
    Pros - Customer service is top notch
    Livestock variety
    Livestock quality
    WYSIWYG - literally
    Cons - None
    I can't say enough about these guys. I've purchased via their site, eBay auctions and now via livesale and each experience has been excellent. The coral actually looks exactly like the photos (if not better) - which I've found is hard to come by these days.

    Thanks again for another great box of coral!
  6. lbacker56
    "Worth the Drive!"
    Pros - Great, Store, Staff, Selection, and Advice
    Cons - The traffic on Orange Blossom Trail is a *****, which make my drive a pain.
    I forego the local aquarium shop in my area, and trek over to WWC.
    Great, Store, Staff, Selection, and Advice for a beginner like.
  7. VanWinkle
    "Great customer service"
  8. gcarroll
    "Best Reef Shop in the Entire Country"
    Pros - Eye Candy!
    Cons - Not in California
    This shop just has a wow factor. Everything is clean and there is no bread and butter livestock. This is an elite reefer's wet dream!
  9. Coral Newbie
    "Frag Arco Pack"
    Pros - Corals were shipped and packaged perfectly
    Cons - None
    Just stared this hobby in December and couldn't be happier with selection, cost, and service.

    This is always the 1st store I check for WYSIWYG corals
  10. happyhourhero
    "The Good Stuff!"
    Pros - WYSIWYG is accurate, Healthy colorful frags, Great shipping
    Cons - None
    Have ordered 3 batches of frags from their ebay sales. All have been as pictured and healthy with good color. A real pleasure to work with and I really appreciate that they do this so I can bring in unique items to my area. Hope to get to the store sometime!
  11. nitro316
    "Best shop in Central Florida"
    Pros - I drive 45 minutes out of my way to shop here. That's how awesome these guys are.
    Cons - My wallet is empty because of their awesome coral.
  12. foxt
    "Great experience!"
    Pros - Great quality, frequent sales via live sales or ebay, fast shipping, great packing, very responsive to any issues that come up
    I've had several orders with WWC over the course of the last several weeks (live sale and ebay), and I just wanted to say that these guys have been great to deal with! The quality of the livestock I've received has been great. I had a couple of small issues, (stuff happens) and Dillion was spectacular in very quickly responding. I've been treated the way that I would hope I could treat my customers if I ran a business. WWC is a class act!
  13. GingerSparkles
    "Order from WWC with confidence!"
    Pros - Great deals at their fun, live sales and the staff members are terrific!
    Cons - Absolutely none! (Except they're in Florida & I'm in California)
    I'm apprehensive ordering corals the 1st time from a company because I've dealt with underhanded ones. WWC is completely aboveboard! They are hands down, the best I've ordered from online. The corals arrived packaged extremely well & kept the corals from getting damaged during shipment. They are the most pristine frags I've ever received. The staff is awesome also! I had zoa polyps close up for a couple weeks & I contacted WWC for help. Chris answered, graciously aiding me and alleviated my obsessing. I highly recommend WWC!:D
  14. saltwater newby
    Pros - Endless amounts of corals, great staff. Well stocked store.
    Cons - None really, nobody is perfect, so why should I complain.
    i love visiting WWC, I've never made an online purchase but I've made tons at the store. These guys are great, Josh and Carlos treat me like one of the boys, always helpful and happy to chat with me. I'm not a big spender but I've made several purchases, kole tang,dry rocks,corals and all types of dry goods. I used t go every week and spend a little something on their frags when I could but now I have an RO/DI at home. Lol!! So no more buying water there once a week. Looking forward to their online sale.
  15. Boston reefer
    "Couldn't be happier !"
    Pros - These guys have fire. Always packaged well and pictured well.
    Cons - Too many nice corals = lighter wallet :)
    I've ordered from wwc a few times. I don't have anything negative to say about them. Order with confidence
    Boston Reefer
  16. Specfishin
    "Great corals!"
    Pros - I've made multiple purchases and ebay/live sale, they've always arrived beautifully.
  17. Justin Thain
    Pros - Everything, these guys are the real deal!!!
    Cons - None
    I'm so happy there are companies like WWC in this hobby! Cannot say enough good things about these guys
  18. SJ-reefer
    "Ebay auctions"
    Pros - Can catch some steals
    Cons - If your only buying 1 or 2 pieces, shipping makes it not worth it unless its a high end piece
    Putchased from them a few times. Great selection, excellent packing, quality control is awesome.
  19. mlivvy
    "In Store Pickup/Ebay Review"
    Pros - I like the option to win on ebay and pick up in store.
    Good customer service.
    Lots of eye-candy
    Cons - Wait time to pick up ebay orders are slow.
    I've purchased a few frags on ebay and picked up in store which then leads me to spend even more. Customer service is pretty good except for the fact that the wait time could be long when picking up ebay orders. I was interested in a few frags from the $10 tank and one of the staff members took his time showing me frags and giving me care info. Usually you don't get this much attention on a small purchase.
  20. Ricardo Berrios
    "Top Of The Line"
    Pros - great service, (for me) Super Close To my House, very knowledgeable, fast service and helpful with any of your needs.
    Cons - Wont let me live in the store.
    They are top of the reef many many reasons why i don't go no where else to get my reef needs, they are very helpful and extremely knowledgeable , been to the store possibly i will live in that place if giving the chance. i will keep taking my business to them every time.
    "Fantastic Frags!"
    Pros - Color and size was well represented in photos
    Great packaging and quick shipment
    Everything extremely healthy
    Cons - None
    Received my first order from WWC and so happy with the items that I received. Photos weren't enhanced or taken with filters so everything is exactly as represented and WYSIWYG. Have been looking for Stylocoeniella and LOVE the 3 that I got...a little small but I could tell the size in the photo by comparing to the plug and they're healed and healthy so betting they'll grow fast.
  22. stacy_vennes
    Pros - everything
    Cons - need more money
    Y'all have some of the most awesome stuff I have ever seen. Just wish I had a better paying job so I can get more coral lol.
  23. G8trBait16
    "Awesome corals and service"
    Pros - Great looking coral
    Awesome color
    Amazing service
    Cons - None yet
    I bought the Hail Mary SPS Frag pack. Amazing colors and corals all around. There was a mix up with the shipping, but it was all figured out and they gave me a JFox Sour Twist Acro for the mix up. I appreciate the great customer service and will definitely be ordering more from them.

    Thanks again!
  24. Kathco
    "Love this place"
    Pros - Knowledgeable staff
    Beautiful show tanks
    Staff is wonderful
    Large variety of corals
    Cons - Some dry goods are pricey
    We are there several times a month. Have learned so much from them and have come home with with beautiful corals & even a nano tank.
    If ever in the Orlando area - a place you have to visit. I like it better than Disney.
  25. albano1402
    "World Wide Corals- Order 11/3/15"
    Pros - Purchased (3) Frag Packs

    By far, the best color frags received from any supplier ever.

    Corals are outstanding and were growing better than most others with incredible colors.

    Great customer service. Combined shipping was great.
    Cons - Overall frags were smaller than I was hoping for. The overall quality, color, and growth outweighed the size.

    It was hard to identify what shipped. A better labeling would be the only upgrade.
    I was pleased with their service and overall product. I wish the frags were a bit larger than what I received, but the coloring was outstanding.

    All are doing awesome with great polyp extension and color retention.

    (2 acro's) of the corals died or looked in poor health when I received and put in the tank. It was hard to identify what shipped in the packaging. A better labeling system would be the only upgrade for service, but most the corals were easy to look back to identify from the original pack.I always remove from the frag plugs and couldn't identify which of the corals were the corals in poor health. In fairness, I never submitted a DOA case ever though I could have.

    For me, the overall purchase was outstanding. :)

    The quality was top notch and will definitely order from them again. :)

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