Your Reef Aquarium Supply

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  • Live Coral
  • Equipment
  • Dry Goods
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  • Online Web Store
  • Physical Brick & Mortar Store
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199 Cirby Way # 14
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Somuchflo99
    "Product is excellent customer service is outstandi"
    Pros - Easy to find product helpful And very knowledgeable staff
    I go into this place of business at least twice a week and the service I receive is great every time weather it’s to just ask a couple of questions or to by product these guys are more about the hobby than the sales all around the best place to shop they are very welcoming with great deals and consistent inventory also very healthy inventory I might add so if your looking for a comfortable place with a relaxing vibe this is it !
  2. ScottMyers123
    "SPS frag pack"
    Pros - Great communication and great looking corals
    Cons - None
    I ordered a 20 piece frag pack and all corals arrived alive and well. Everything was great from communication to fast and accurate shipping.
  3. thefullgonzo
    "Great online and storefront."
    Pros - Good selection
    Cons - NONE
    I have purchased in the store twice and online once so far. Everything purchased has remained healthy. Can't say enough about the information and help that they have provided.
  4. Flyingbulldog
    "Honest and reliable for online and in store"
    Pros - All salt water store and healthy corals. He has been in the hobby longer then most and is honest with everything and is the best.
    One of the most knowledgeable owner and far with pricing/frags. This store is my favorite due to John and rare corals.
  5. lyrical
    "Very happy with my corals"
    Pros - Beautiful corals, great service, friendly help
    Cons - None.
    I purchased 11 paly/zoa frags and they all came in perfect and are thriving in my tank. They were very helpful and friendly and even went out of their way to find me a frag I was really looking for. Excellent prices and transaction.

    Thank you YR!
  6. pilotx44
    "Great Store!"
    Pros - Wonderful and gigantic selection of corals! Very fair prices and good deals! Love the 5-10$ section for all those good frag finds! Also wonderful service by knowledgeable people. Not a store trying to make a quick buck off you.
    Cons - Fish come and go too fast! Cant get my hands on some of them.
    Wonderful store as mentioned above. Good stock selection and great deals on just about everything. Will definitely be going back as much as possible. Love those good deals on frags!

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