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  1. kid976
    "Great quality fish"
    Pros - Awesome customer service
    Ordered a juv. Regal angel that was guaranteed to eat prepared foods, the fish was eating pellets and frozen mysis a hour out of the bag. I could not be happier and Colin was nice enough to send me a freebie fish as well! They take great care and detail in the packing of the live stock, you won't be disappointed if you order from them.
  2. Allaboutthatfish
    "Great Quality Excellent Customer Service"
    Pros - ZoaCollector gets the nicest, highest quality fish!
    Best online store to order fish from! Fish came in a great shape! Packed to perfection!
    Answered all my questions quickly and helped with all concerns and even went out of his way to explain everything.
  3. jdl513
    "Unsurpassed Quality"
    Pros - Does not get any better for Hawaiian fish
    Inquired about a crosshatch trigger pair.
    Roughly a month later was contacted out of the blue a pair came up.
    Got them and a Chevron tang. The order arrived well packed a good four gallons of water! All three were flawless and eating in my QT within a few hours. Does not get any better than that!
  4. ReefingWhiteford
    "Fantastic Fish"
    Pros - AMAZING prices! stunning, healthy,active fish!
    Cons - None!
    I purchased an Achilles tang form zoacollector and it arrived very healthy and has survived a month so far. I highly recommend this seller and will be buying again form him.

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