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auto filter roll

  1. |Tom the Bomb|

    Fleece filter roller help

    I really want to replace the socks with a clarisea roller on my new Red Sea tank that I'm soon setting up but I heard that installing and plumbing it is hard. how do I plumb the roller inlet onto the downflow. I dont think it’s possible to do that cuz of all the glass baffles and the sock...
  2. 20200115_112743.thumb.jpg.8742e5a6be7ecb73350e4f1d68b457c9.jpg


    Upgraded Sump. need more securing so straight cut pipes stay straight .
  3. geo

    GEO's Auto Filter Roll Sumps aka Roller Mat eye candy

    Some of our recent GEO Automatic Filter Roll Sumps
Reef Brite the professionals choice