colorado sunburst

  1. A

    California Live Goods Sang Lee Colorado Sunburst Anemone 3" CSB - Natural Split

    Hey R2R, I have another natural split Sang Lee Lineage CSB available, this one is also 3" in size and eating mysis 3x per week. I guarantee live arrival within 2 hours of UPS delivery. Plenty of past R2R buyers available for reference. Please PM me with any questions. Photos below: (1) WYSIWYG...
  2. rsoethe

    Arizona SOLD Zoa - Mind Tricks, Speckled Krak, Frankie’s Acid Trip, Grim Reaper + CSB KI lineage

    Speckled Krak 5p $100 Frankie’s Acid Trip 2p $40 Grim Reaper 4p $60 Mind Tricks 8p $200 CSB 3” $250 Ship with confidence $50. Buy out free ship UPS 2hr DOA with proof of photo. Must be home to accept package 2hr window.
  3. ygon

    Florida Live Goods SOLD Beautiful Lineage Colorado Sunburst Anemone

    Beautiful colors on this one. It opens to around 4". Price is shipped. Lineage goes back to Pecan2phat and key island aquarium. Pm me if you have any questions. Been growing these for many years.
  4. AD87

    Ohio Live Goods Colorado Sunburst Anemone

    I have 2 colorado sunburst anemones ready to go. They are on the smaller side 3-4 inches from tip to tip asking 365 shipped I only have 2 left. Pm is key, please check feedback 100%.
  5. Nicerreefs

    Livestock Colorado Sunburst Bubbletip Anemone- $450 Shipped

    Colorado Sunburst Bubbletip Anemone is available for sale! $450 Shipped. Get 10% off when you subscribe to our website newsletter. Free shipping when you spend $349 or more! Let us help you accomplish your dream goals and make them a reality today! - Nicer Reefs "Your Reef. But Nicer."...
  6. Tegridy Reef

    Florida Live Goods October and Halloween sale csb rainbow blasto bounce shrooms and cheap corals and many others

    Selling some Colorado sunburst and bounce mushroom and WWC rainbow blasto along with some cheap stuff I will constantly update with new stuff so always check the last page for local pick up I’m in winter garden Florida and I ship for 20 bucks at 150 free shipping doa 4 hrs after delivery on the...
  7. Queen City Corals

    Snag some of the new Euphyllia, Shrooms, and more!

    We've got some stunning new corals that just dropped including this 24k Hybrid Frammer, Leprechaun Gold Hammer, 24k Gold Torch, and more! PLUS awesome new shrooms including this QCC Lucky Charms Yuma, Blue Deepwater Ricordea Yuma, Blue Striped Discosoma Mushroom, and more are available NOW...
  8. BrightReef

    California Live Goods Colorado Sunburst Anemone For Sale

    I have one Colorado Sunburst Anemone for sale. Lineage is directly to Sang Lee. 2+ inches
  9. Z

    Georgia WTB Colorado sunburst or Chicago sunburst

    I'm looking for a Colorado sunburst or Chicago sunburst or any high end anemones. Let me know what you have. I'm located in Georgia
  10. Tegridy Reef

    Florida Live Goods For sale Colorado sunburst WWC rainbow blasto bounce shrooms and cheap corals - winter garden Florida - ship - trades

    I’m selling some Colorado sunburst some bounce shrooms WWC rainbow blastos and some cheap stuff will always be updating so make sure to check the last pages post 125 free shipping doa 3 hours after delivery on the first day
  11. Tegridy Reef

    Florida Colorado sunburst, bounce mushrooms and cheap corals for sale

    I am looking to see some Colorado sunburst and some bounce mushrooms and some other cheap corals on this thread will always be updating regularly so make sure to always check back in and see the last post which will b up to date I do a 4hr doa and 25 dollar shipping 15 if u are in Florida and...
  12. Drew_E36

    California CSB Anemone FS

    Colorado Sun Burst Anemone For Sale Lineage back to Coral Collection 3-4 in fully expanded need money to pay rent honestly just finished school and I don’t think I need to keep something so expensive $750 OBO takes it If you want more pictures just ask
  13. BrightReef

    California Colorado Sunburst Anemone's for Sale

    I have 4 Colorado Sunburst Anemone's for sale. These are 2-3 inches in size and lineage is directly to Sang Lee. I prefer local pickup near San Jose, CA but can discuss shipping. Watch a video of the 4 anemone's here: CSB Anemone Video **References to past anemones sold are in my previous...
  14. F

    New Hampshire Colorado sunburst ki lineage

    Looking to trade my csb natural split for 2 brand new g5 xr15 blue. Willing to take cash in order to purchase the lights as well. Located in nh willing to travel to meet within reason I can provide more photos upon request when I'm home from work.
  15. Baker Co.

    Nevada Utah SPS, LPS, mushrooms and a CSB

    SPS: Cherry Bomb, WD, Pink Cadillac Crazy T I do have one frag of the RRC Pink Cadillac ready for $50. LPS: Mummy Eye, Watermelon, Miami Hurricane, Crazy Fox, Bizzaro, Meteor Shower, Gold Rush, Day glow, Space Invader,Dragon Soul Shrooms; Jaw Breaker Colorado Sunburst **Shipping...
  16. BrightReef

    California Colorado Sunburst Anemone's For Sale

    Hi All- I have 5 Colorado Sunburst Anemone's available. All are at least 2 inches when open and the lineage is directly to Sang Lee :cool: Local Pickup near San Jose, CA ($650) or available for shipping to CA only. Serious inquiries only please. Anemone A - SOLD Anemone B- SOLD Anemone C-...
  17. diverdown

    Michigan $675 Colorado Sunburst Sang Lee / Elite Reef Lineage CSB

    Colorado Sunburst, about 3" opened. Standard DOA.
  18. BrightReef

    California Colorado Sunburst Anemone For Sale

    Hi All- Selling a Colorado Sunburst Anemone, lineage directly to Sang Lee. 2+ inches, Bay Area pickup near San Jose ($750)
  19. BrightReef

    California SOLD Colorado Sunburst Anemone

    Hi All- Selling one more of my Colorado Sunburst Anemone. Lineage directly to Sang Lee :cool: Pickup near San Jose, CA. ($750)
  20. BrightReef

    California Colorado Sunburst Anenome for sale

    I’m selling one of my Colorado Sunburst Anenomes. Bay Area only, as shipping is so slow and too risky. I’ve had these anenomes in my tank for a long time and I’m ready to let one go to a new home :) Lineage is from Sang Lee. Anenome is 3” and I’m asking $1,000. Message me if interested!
  21. ygon

    Florida Beautiful CSB

    I have one more beautiful nem for sale. Lineage is back to Ki Aquarium. Asking $1200.00 Marbled foot
  22. ygon

    Florida Beautiful CSB

    I have another one of these beautiful nems for sale. Lineage is back to Ki Aquarium. Asking $1200.00
  23. AceShadow_Reefer

    Colorado Sunburst Anemone Problem!!

    Hey guys, I'm new here so it's cool to meet you all. I'm posting this today because I noticed my poor Colorado Sunburst BTA is starting to look really strange... Never seen a nem look like it before. It almost looks as though it's withering. The tentacles look almost flat!! This occurred after...
  24. ygon

    Florida Mother sized CSB!

    Asking $1200. This beauty is bigger than my hand. No filters on these pics straight from my pixel phone.
  25. ygon

    Florida Large CSB

    Lineage back to Keys Aquarium. This is a clone from pecan2phat. Picture was taken with pixel phone no filters or editing. Asking $1200 shipped.