1. krakensoup

    Red Sea Max S-400 (White) (NEW, not used)

    Well, here I am. The prototypical cautionary tale: I bought this tank with big dreams and genuine interest, but because multiple life reasons and changes, it has been sitting in the garage since I picked it up in late 2018. Finally, I'm now relocating so I can't put this off any longer. I have...
  2. V

    purple tang and friends need new home

    Hello, I'm looking to rehome a purple tang, two clowns, two anemones, stripped pajama and maybe some gsp. Not looking for money just want to be convinced they're going to a good home. I'm in the Denver area. I'm changing jobs and potentially relocating. I won't be able sustain proper care of...
  3. Sticks And Stones

    Colorado Breaking Down Two Reef Tanks - Selling all Livestock

    Local pickup only in Colorado Springs, CO Dwarf Zebra Lionfish - $70 Radiata Lionfish - $70 Both Lionfish Above - $100 Convict Tang - $40 Matted Filefish - $20 Vlamingi Tang Med - $70 Sailfin Tang Med - $50 Yellow Tang Med (x3) - $150 each Two Barred Rabbitfish - $70 4 Different Gorgonian...
  4. Aaron Almager

    Build Thread Almager's 4g Pico

    Hello all! I'm getting back into this addictive hobby. I wanted a challenge while jumping back in & went with a 4g Pico to get my experimentation on. Hoping to eventually turn this guy into a small breeder or holder for inverts. Maybe even a garden for future food needs. Currently shrimp cycling...
  5. 914mulals6

    Hello Re-homing large fish?

    Hi all, I'm new on here & have recently rescued a 100g tank that that was in neglect, came w two awesome fish 1 sailfin, 6-7" & 1 royal blue tang 4-5" wich are obviously too big for the tank & need to find better homes, my goal was/is to help these fish have better/happier lives, I've had these...
  6. zatch

    Colorado FULLY QTd ORA Lightning Maroon Clownfish $30 (Local Pickup Only)

    This guy is not getting along with my Anthias, so he needs to find a new home. ORA Lightning Maroon, has been fully QTd and is in excellent health. Eats like a pig! MSRP 75$ (before QT) Selling for $30! Local Pickup in Downtown Denver CO Only! PM If Interested!
  7. zatch

    Colorado Dirt Cheap Zoas and Hammer in Denver (Local Pickup Only)

    Need to clear some frags off my DT rack and need these gone - crazy cheap zoa/euphyllia packs! LOCAL PICKUP ONLY (DENVER CO) Lot of 15 Frags! 14 Zoas (assorted) and one head Neon Frogspawn. $100 Lot 7 Frags! 7 Zoas (most XLG size!) $50 Available for pickup in Downtown Denver (no shipping)...
  8. GoodKat

    Colorado Boulder/Denver: Green Bali Slimer, Rosta and Blue Horent Zoas, and Blue Sponge for Sale or Trade

    Hello all, I am a little new at this but I have the above for trade or sale for local pick up only in the Boulder/Denver area. Selling for 10$ or trading for anything except softies. Message me if interested and I can provide pictures. Tank is free of most pests, but as always I'd recommend...
  9. T

    Colorado Powerheads MP10mQD - As new as used gets

    I decided to switch up to Nero 5s on my system and have an MP10 that has all new components. Driver was bought new from Marine Depot this month, date on box is Sep 2020. Dry side just came from EcoTech today and is still in bubble wrap, has not touched glass. Wet side and Mobius chip were...
  10. Legonch

    Colorado Indo Acro frags FS, Hot! 5 for $250 shipped!

    Hi there, I've got a bunch of indo acro frags for sale. Most do not have a name, but are really really cool. Also have a few no name torches and named ones that are hot! Please pm me with any questions. 5 frags for $250 shipped in the lower 48. Pest and disease free amazing frags! A lot...
  11. AceShadow_Reefer

    Help me save this Elite Reef Colorado Sunburst

    Hey all, A while back I made the mistake of purchasing a Colorado Sunburst BTA... Here's the story: (if you wanna skip straight to my struggle go right to the end) I was excited. I had a very successful nano softy tank with 2 clowns and I was driving home with my very first anemone... A...
  12. Nicole Helgason

    ReefStock Denver 2020 * NEW VENUE *

    Hey there reefers! As the dust settles from New Years, we know it’s time to start gearing up for ReefStock Denver! We’re excited to welcome everyone to this year’s event at our new location featuring over 17,500 sq feet of event space plus a sizable and welcoming bar and lounge area. ReefStock...